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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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The epidemic of Measles, reported as prevailing during the latter months of 1912, continued, as was the case pretty generally all over the country, for a considerable time, and did not cease until the end of July, 1913, the number of infectious diseases, not including Measles, being

Scarlet Fever64
Enteric Fever1
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The number for the three previous years were:—

191091 cases
191197 cases
191285 cases
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The following represents the different infectious diseases requiring
action by your Sanitary OXcials during the year :—
Small-Pox.—No case of this disease was notified during the year.
I received several notices from Port Medical Officers giving names and
addresses of those passengers or crew of vessels arriving in port, and
in which Small-Pox had occurred during the voyage, who have stated
their intention of coming into this district. In all such cases the
individual is visited to see if he is free from the disease.

Scarlet Fever.—61 cases of this disease were notified during the year, the several parishes of the district being affected as shown in the following table :—

Upminster, Cranham and Corbet's Tey6
Great Warley11
Rainham and Wennington7
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