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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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60.„ 22.South HornohurchScarlet FeverAnother oase in same house as No. 50. A return case. Removed.. No other case.
61.„ 22.DagenhamDiphtheriaOne case. Origin obscure (several cases of Scarlet Fever in the house). October 13 to 20. Removed.. No other case.
62.„ 29.Chadwell HeathDiphtheriaOne case. Local sanitary defects. Removed. No other case.
63.„ 30.Chadwell HeatlhScarlet FeverOne case. Child attends same Softool as No. 51. Removed.. A return case from this occurrence in January, 1914.
61Dec. 8.RainhamDiphtheriaA doubtful case. No D.B. found in culture from swab. Several cases of Scarlet Fever subsequently occurred in this house.. See No. 65.
65.„ 15and 21. RainhamScarlet FeverThe first case in the house of suspected case of Diphtheria. No. 61. Others occurred in January, 1911. Removed.
66.„ 23,24, 25, 27. Great WarleyScarlet FeverEight cases in four houses. Or. investigation, I found. in one of the affected houses, a child desquamating. wiho had been attending School. Removed.Several other cases followed in January, 1914.
62.„ 20.UpminsterScarlet FeverOne case. Removed.No other case.
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