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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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With regard to Hornchurch Parish, most of these cases occurred
in outlying parts of the parish, notably in North-West Hornchurch
(practically a portion of the town of Romford). In the actual village
of Hornchurch itself only three cases were notified. In all cases I
endeavour to ascertain the source of infection, a matter in many cases
practically impossible, no evidence of contact with previous cases being
in such instances obtainable. I don't think that school attendance had
as much to do with the occurrence of this disease as it has had in
previous years, as reported by me, the School Masters and Mistresses
being energetic in reporting to me all instances of suspected infectious
disease. Scarlet Fever did not assume the form of an epidemic, all
the cases notified occurring in a more or less isolated manner. Of the
64 cases notified, 50 were removed to the Isolation Hospital; the rest
were treated at home, most of them being capable of being isolated in
a satisfactory manner during their period of infection. In these latter
cases instructions are given as to the precautions to be observed by
persons living in the same house. In some instances, in the case of
working people and when isolation could not be properly effected, I
have succeeded, on visiting, in persuading the parents to have the case
removed to the Isolation Hospital. Where cases are not removed, I
receive, in most instances, notice from their Medical Attendant when
the premises, etc., are ready for disinfection, and when this does not
occur 1 instruct the Sanitary Inspector to call and make the necessary

Diphtheria.—10 cases were notified as under:—

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Several cases were reported to me, which, on bacteriological
examination, were not confirmed. Most of these cases were associated
with local sanitary defects, which were remedied. In all reported
cases, the Sanitary Inspector makes a strict examination of the
premises, testing the drains, etc.
Measles.—A very large number of cases of this disease occurred,
pretty nearly all over the district; 602 cases, in the following parishes :

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