London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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No.Date.Locality.Disease.Source of Disease, Action taken.Result.
19Mar. 1Chad well Heath -Scarlet Fever -Four cases in same house as No. 9. Removed. Presumed to have been "return cases" from Hospital
201Chadwell HeathDiphtheriaTwo cases in same house as No. 19 (Scarlet Fever)
21,, 3-5Haro'd WoodDiphtheriaSix cases in two adjoining houses. All three children attended Harold Wood School. On enquiry I found that a child had been attending school (same class-room) suffering from sore throat. Instructed the master to forbid the attendance of this child for a fortnight. All cases removed to hospitalNo other case
22„ 3RainhamDiphtheriaOne case. Not verified to be such on bacteriological examination
207CranhamScarlet FeverOne case reported. On visiting I did not think it a case of Scarlet Fever
24„ 8RainhamDiphtheriaOne case
25„ 18Upmin6terScarlet FeverOne case. Imported. RemovedNo other case
26,, 27Cottage Homes, Hornchurch8carlet FeverOne case. Presumed to have been infected from a visitor. Removed to Eastern Hospital
27,, 27HaveringDiphtheriaOne case. Bad Sanitary surroundings which were remedied. Case removedNo other case
28„ 29DagenhamDiphtheriaThree cases notified. Doubtful cases. No D. bacilli found
29„ 30Beacontree HeathEnteric FeverOne case. Origin obscure. RemovedNo other case
30April 2RainhamDiphtheriaOne case. Bad sanitary surroundings, RemediedNo other case
31,, 6RainhamDiphtheriaDittoNo other case
32M 8South HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case' A case in the same house several weeks agoSee No. 34
33,,11Chadwell HeathDiphtheriaOne case. RemovedNo other case
34,, 11South HornchurchScarlet FeverAnother case in same house as No. 32