London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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NoDate.Locality.Disease.Source of Disease. Action taken.Resuit,
35April 22South HornchurchScarlet FeverAnother case in same house as No. 32. This case, a servant, was removed to Isolation Hospital
36„ 25HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Isolated at homeNo other case
37„ 25Vicarage Road, DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case. RemovedNo other case
38,, 26Chadwell HeathDiphtheriaDittoNo other case
39„ 29HornchurchScarlet FeverDittoNo other case
40May 15North HornchurchDiphtheriaOne case. Origin obscure
41„ 15Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case. Imported. Removed
42„ 10DagenhamScarlet FeverDittoNo other case
43„ 10South HornchurchDiphtheriaDitto Not removedSee No, 60
4413Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverTwo cases. On investigating them, and a piev'ous case in same family (No. 41) I found a boy of same family desquamating after Scarlet Fever unrecognized. RemovedSee No, 50
4513HornchurchDiphtheriaA notified case, not proved to be Diphtheria on bacteriological examination
46„ 13South HornchurchDiphtheriaOne case
47„ 15South HornchurchDiphtheriaOne case. Removed
48„ 18South HornchurchDiphtheriaTwo cases. Removed
4920Chadwell HeathDiphtheriaOne case. Removed
50„ 22Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case, contracted from No, 44. RemovedSee No. 51
51„ 31Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case, contracted from home when a case had been removed (No. 56)No other case
52June 1HaveringDiphtheriaOne case. A servant in a large house. Origin obscure. Presumed to have been contracted away from home. RemovedNo other case
53„ 5RainhamDiphtheriaOne case. Bad sanitary surroundings