London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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1.—Summary of Action taken to prevent the spread of Disease.

No.Date.Locality.Disease.Source of Disease. Action taken.Result.
1Jan. ICorbets TeyScarlet FeverOne ease, contracted from her sister, removed to Hospital four days ago. Removed to HospitalNo other case
2,, 6Ardley Green, HornchurchDiphtheriaTwo cases. Origin obscure. Removed to HospitalNo other case
5,, 8South HornchuichDiphtheriaDittoNo other case
4„ 9Chad well HeathSearlet FeverTwo cases. Supposed to have been contracted from a visitor. RemovedSee No. 19
5,, 10Oxlow Lane, DagenhamDiphtheriaA doubtful case
6„ 10HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case, contracted from a previous case in the district. RemovedNo other case
7,, 11DagenhamDiphtheriaOne case. Removed. Bad sanitary conditionNo other case
8„ 12South HornchurchDiphtheriaA doubtful case
9„ 14South HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Contracted from a neighbouring case. RemovedNo other case
10„ 25South HornchurchScarlet FeverDittoNo other case
11„ 29South HornchurchDiphtheriaOne case. Foul overflowing cesspool
12Feb. 5Douglas RoadDiphtheriaOne case. Origin obscureNo other case
13Chad well Heath -Scarlet Fever -A case of measles notified as Scarlet Fever
14„ 10South HornchurchDiphtheriaOne case. Origin obscure. RemovedNo other case
15„ 20Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case. Imported. RemovedNo other case
16„ 21RainhamDiphtheriaOne case. Foul sanitary conditionNo other case
1721RainhamDiphtheriaDittoNo other case
18,, 22-24North HornchurchDiphtheriaTwo cases. A filthy house Notice served on ten«nt. Cases removedNo other case