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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(viii) Domestic Helps
The requests for this service remain fairly constant. Throughout
1957, 114 Part-time, and Casual Helps were employed, and they attended
586 individual cases. Once again, tuberculous patients were given
domestic assistance from a panel of special volunteers.
(ix) Day Nurseries
The three Day Nurseries continued on the same lines, as hitherto.
The average daily attendances for the year at each Nursery is shown


"St. Moritz" Nursery29
Collier Row Nursery28
Rush Green Nursery28

The "St. Moritz" and Collier Row Nurseries are scheduled to
take 40 children each, and the Rush Green Nursery 50 children.
Works were carried out to the kitchens at each Nursery to meet
the requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulations-
(x) Dental Service
There has again been a very slight improvement in the numbers of
Dental Officers during the year. There are now two full-time Dental
Officers, and, in addition, we have the services of a part-time Dentist
for six sessions per week, and another for three sessions per week. A
Consultant Anaesthetist continues to attend one session per week, for
the purpose of administering general anaesthetics to the more difficult
The following gives particulars of the work done during the year for
expectant and nursing mothers, and children under school age.

TABLE 9 (a) Numbers provided with Dental care:—

ExaminedNeeding TreatmentTreatedMade Dentally Fit
Expectant and Nursing Mothers77504241
Children under Five343225155171
(b) Forms of Dental Treatment provided:—
ExtractionsAnaestheticsFillingsScalings or Scalings and Gum TeratmentSilver Nitrate TreatmentDressingsRadiographsDentures provided
Expectant and Nursing Mothers167108112103142391822
Children under five2169110499-3915-