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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(xi) Harold Hill Health Centre
The work in the Local Authority section has progressed satisfactorily,
on the same lines as last year, and this embraces services for Maternal
and Child welfare, and the care of the health of the school child.
A Dental Officer attends daily for the dental requirements of the
school children, and facilities are also available for the other priority groups
viz., nursing and expectant mothers, and children under 5 years of age.
So far as the dental work for the general service is concerned, a
Dental Officer, appointed by the Executive Council, is also in daily
The four suites in the General Practitioner's section are allocated
to right practitioners who attend at times mutually arranged by themselves,
and they are provided with nursing staff and clerical assistance
by the Local Health Authority, and also by the Authority with the
necessary equipment for their work.
Working under one roof, and in close proximity has brought about
an improved liaison between the General Medical and Dental Services,
and hose Services provided by the Local Health Authority, and has
been an important factor in improving relationships between the
practitioners and other staffs.
(i) Water
Mr. H. G. Ramsay, Chief Engineer of the South Essex Waterworks
Company, has kindly given me the following report with regard to the
water supply to the district:—
(a) There have been no new extensions of public water supply
during the year 1957, other than those for the supply to permanent
housing sites.
(b) Lengths of mains laid, in yards:—
3" 4" 6" 9"
Romford Area 623 365 32 1,108
(c) The water supply of the area, and of its several parts, has
en satisfactory both as to quality and quantity.
(d) Bacteriological and Chemical examinations are made of
raw water, of the water in its various stages of treatment, of
water supplied from the Company's wells, and of the water
going into supply.
Analyses are also made of samples obtained from consumers'
taps in various parts of the Company's district; all proved to be
A total of over 3,890 Chemical, Bacteriological, and Biological
examinations have been made.
(e) The waters are not liable to plumbo-solvent action.
(f) No contamination has arisen, therefore no action has been