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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(iv) Ante-natal, and Post-natal Clinics
Three Ante-natal sessions are held each week, and two Post-natal
sessions are held per month. When necessary, patients are referred to
the Consultative Clinic at Old church Hospital.
During the year 265 individual expectant mothers attended the Antenatal
Clinics, or which 154 sessions were held. The total number of
attendances of the Ante-natal mothers was 1,665, giving an average of
6.3 attendances per patient. The average number attending at each
session was 10.8. Twenty-one Post-natal sessions were held, and 96
attendances were recorded. The average number attending at each
session was 4.6.
(v) Child Welfare Clinics
Twelve Child Welfare sessions are held each week. Altogether,
there were 594 sessions, and the following table gives a summary of the


Individual children attending3,285
Children under one year of age attending for the first time1,355
Medical consultations6,655
Attendances of children under one year of age19,863
Attendances of children between the ages of one and five years5,787
Average attendance per session43.3

(vi) Health Visitors
A the end of the year, there were 12 Health Visitors. All of these
also acted as School Nurses.
Table 7 relates to Home Visits paid by the Health Visitors in
connection with their duties under Maternal and Child Welfare.


(a)To Expectant Mothers:—
First visits207
Total visits281
(b)To Children under one year of age:—
First visits1,871
Total visits6,157
(c)To Children between the ages of one and five years:—
Total visits8,643

(vii) Inspection of Nursing Homes
There are three Nursing Homes registered in the district. These were
all inspected, on four occasions during the year, and the conditions,
there in were found to be satisfactory.