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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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ComplaintAction Taken
Swiss roll and a fig roll each alleged to have contained a sewing machine needle.Careful enquiries made but it was impossible to determine how or where the needles gained access.
Breakfast cereal alleged to have contained a piece of metal.Manufacturer informed but no further action taken as evidence was inconclusive.
Steak and Kidney pie containing foreign matter.Foreign matter consisted of a piece of meat with hair attached. Manufacturer prosecuted. Fined £10.
Toffee apple containing a fly.Warning letter to Manufacturer.
Loaf with hole through crust.No further action, loaf not unfit in any way.
Frozen lamb chop alleged to have contained sawdust.Manufacturer informed but it would appear that dust could have been bone dust from use of mechanical saw. No further action.
Slice of chopped ham with small piece of mouldy corned beef adhering to it.Vendor informed and shop inspected. No further action — evidence inconclusive.
Cakes alleged to be mouldy.Not mouldy but some staleness. Vendor informed and reminded re stock rotation.
Loaf alleged to be dirty.Not dirt but badly mixed piece of dough. Bakery informed.
Loaf containing foreign matter (brown streaks).Bakery informed. Due to insufficient mixing of the malt extract and caramel mixture which is added to this type of loaf for flavour and colour. No further action required.
Chocolate cake affected with mould.Vendor and Manufacturer informed but no further action taken in view of time lag between purchase and receipt of complaint.
Malt loaf containing a nail.Warning letter to Bakery.
Milk bottle containing paint.Warning letter to Dairy.
Tin of processed peas containing a piece of metal.Warning letter to Manufacturers.
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