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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Inf.2954Cheese sauce.Ingredients given in wrong order on the label.Importers informed. New product with amended label to be issued early in 1964.
F.1493Beef Sausages.Meat content low (47 per cent.)Further sample taken. (January, 1964).
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Sample No.ARTICLE (General description)Nature of Adulteration or IrregularityAction Taken
Cpt.2864Milk bottle.Contained traces of atmospheric dust and mould growth.Warning letter to Dairy.
Cpt.2919Milk bottle.Contained a house fly.Warning letter to Dairy.
Cpt.2941Dried haricot beans.Contaminated with a phenolic disinfectant.Matter taken up with Wholesaler.
Cpt.2963Raspberries in Syrup.Contained six ants, also a permitted colouring matter which was not declared.Warning letter to Importers.
Cpt.3003Milk bottleContained minute particles of rusty iron filings.Warning letter to Dairy.
Cpt.3019Corned Beef.Contained small clots of dried blood.Informed Importers.
Cpt.2896Aspirin.Thought to have caused sickness.Found to be genuine. No action required.
Cpt.2811Grapefruit (tinned).Number of small white spots in the syrup and attached to grapefruit.Due to "naringin" a natural constituent of grapefruit. No action required.
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