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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Sausages affected with mould.Vendor prosecuted. Fined £5.
Loaf with dent in crust (alleged rodent infestation).No evidence to support complaint. Probably caused when loaf was taken out of baking tin. No further action.
Corned beef alleged to be mouldy when opened.Importers informed. Some tins of this consignment had a weakness in the score strip which seals the tins. Arrangements made to withdraw all this particular batch and special attention to be paid to other stocks from the Packers concerned.
Bread pudding alleged to have contained a nail.Warning letter to Catering Firm concerned.
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Food Premises.
The number of food pre.nises in the district may be classified as
follows (where more than one trade is carried on at any premises then
an entry is made in respect of each trade). The varying types remain
remarkably constant as the figures (last year in brackets) show:—
Bakehouses 14 (22)
Butchers 74 (74)
Cafes 55 (53)
Confectioners (bread, cakes, etc.) 39 (38)
Confectioners (sweets, etc.) 125 (125)
Fish Shops 26 (26)
Grocers 169 (171)
Greengrocers 101 (102)
Ice Cream Vendors 320 (312)
Ice Cream Manufacturers 4 (4)
Food Hygiene Regulations, 1955.
Some 183 notices were served as against 100 last year.
Essex County Council Act, 1952—Section 105.
Notification under Section 105 of the Essex County Council Act.
1952, still assists us to give prior advice to intending traders.
Unsound Food.
During the year the following foods were voluntarily surrendered
to the Public Health Inspectors as being unfit for human consumption:-

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