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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Water Supplies.
Main'. 12 samples were taken by my Department during the year
from the main supply. 5 were submitted for chemical and bacteriological
examination and 7 for bacteriological examination only. In each case a
satisfactory report was received.
Well: Few now remain in the district.
Mr. P. Gordon Spencer, General Manager and Chief Engineer,
South Essex Waterworks Company, has kindly supplied the following
particulars concerning the main supply for the district:-
"The water supply of the whole of your area has been satisfactory
in quality and quantity.
Bacteriological and chemical examinations are made of the raw
water, of the water in its various stages of treatment and of the water
going into supply.
A total of over 3,967 chemical, bacteriological and biological
examinations have been made and all water going into supply was
wholesome. In addition, samples were examined for radioactivity.
Analyses have also been made of samples obtained from consumers'
taps in the various parts of the Company's district, including that of your
Council, and all proved to be satisfactory.
The water is not plumbo-solvent.
No action has been ncessary in respect to any form of contamination.
The number of dwelling houses supplied as at the 31st December
last was 42,233 and the population as at the 30th June, 1963 as obtained
from the Registrar General was 133,380.
We are unable to state the number of houses supplied by standpipes,
but the total is quite insignificant."
The Engineer and Surveyor has kindly informed me of the rainfall
figures for the year which relate to "Langtons".

The 1962 figures are given in parenthesis.

Amount of Rainfall in inchesNumber of days in which rain fell
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