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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Radioactive Waste.
After satisfactory assurances from the Ministry of Housing and
Local Government had been obtained, a quantity of contaminated glassware
was buried under supervision in a Local Tip. The level of radioactivity
was, of course, innocuous under the approved conditions of
Fluoridation of Water Supplies.
On the information available to the Council on the 16th April.
1963, the Council declared themselves as in favour of the principle of
raising the fluoride content of the local water supply to one part per
million. This does not of course mean that the local water is having
fluoride added to it or even that it will have fluoride added to it. The
recommendation in that regard rests largely at the moment with the
Essex County Council as the local Health Authority and ultimately the
decision would, of course, have to be taken by the undertaking supplying
the water.
Clean Air.
No. 5 Smoke Control Area commenced on the 1st August, 1963.
Details are appended below.
No. 6 Smoke Control Area, with the following boundaries, was
submitted to the Public Health Committee in September. These two areas
form part of our progressive scheme for making the atmosphere free from
smoke. No area is approved lightly since at the least this operation is
probably going to cause a certain amount of inconvenience to a large
number of people. It has. however, been reasonably established that
the ultimate benefits of a Clean Air programme are not likely to be
No. 5 Area
Privately owned houses 4,107
Houses — Council 179
Shops 238
Factories 65
Offices 35
Churches 4
Old People's Hostels 2
Schools 2
Clinic 1
Theatre 1

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