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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Causes of Death19531954195519561957195819591960196119621963
Tuberculosis (all forms)21114539510477
Infectious diseases31202020110
Cardio-vascular disease602590591682679592560548565637631
Other respiratory diseases10810791314810310
Gastro intestinal diseases281310141015131313813
Motor vehicle accidents11101281015919221011
All other accidents10181820181581813167
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There was a slight decrease in cardio-vascular disease from 637 to
631 although this remained by far the largest cause of death.
Cancer deaths rose from 223 to 239.
Tuberculosis deaths remained at 7.
The largest increase was in Bronchitis which jumped from 88 to
113, in fact the "respiratory block" of Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Other
respiratory diseases showed an overall increase of 41. The rather severe
winter could have been responsible for this increase.
In the Registrar-General's abridged list of causes of death (given
overleaf) the age break-down has been extended to:- All ages; under 4
weeks; 4 weeks and under 1 year; 1-4; 5-14; 15-24; 25-34; 35-44; 45-54;
55-64; 65-74; 75 and over.

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