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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Sample No.ARTICLE (General description)Nature of Adulteration or IrregularityAction taken
F. 1226Milk.25% added water.Legal proceedings instituted. Vendor fined £1 plus 28/- costs.
Inf. 1679Apricots (for making apricot preserve).Would not make full fruit standard jam.Matter taken up with manufacturer.
Inf. 1620Cottage cheeseShould be labelled "Skim Milk Cheese" on front panelMatter brought to the attention of the Manufacturers.
Inf. 1657Beef Soupmix.Insufficient meat extracts to justify description "Beef Soup"Further enquiries being made and discussions with, Manufacturers (after the 1958 period).
Inf. 1658Oxtail Soup.Poor in respect of oxtail and should be described as oxtail flavour.
Inf. 1659Chicken Noodle Soup.Contained insufficient chicken meat to justify the description "Super Chicken Noodle Soup."
Inf. 1661SteakletsDescription "Steaklets" might be misleading.Matter brought to the attention of the Manufacturer.
Inf. 1631Tea Biscuits.Claim in respect of slimming properties false and misleading.Informal approach to Manufacturer regarding television advertisement. No repeat of advertisement observed.
Inf. 1667Bath Salts.Contained only 0.5% of sodium percarbonate and not in accord with claim of 1.4%.Formal follow-up sample taken.
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Cpt. 1485Bread.Contained foreign matter which was found to consist of dirty dough.Matter considered by Council— Baker warned.
Cpt. 1486Minced Loaf.Beef Contained cigarette tobacco.Australian produce. Importers and Trade Authority advised.
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