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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Sample No.ARTICLE (General description)Nature of Adulteration or IrregularityAction Taken
Inf. 1546Beef Suet.Labelling unsatisfactory in that the word "Shredded" was in smaller type than the words "Beef Suet" in the description "Fresh Beef Suet Shredded."Manufacturer agreed to amend label and show the word "Shredded" in the same type as the words "Beef Suet."
F.1186Biscuits.The claim "Definitely Non-Fattening" was false and misleading.Manufacturer promised to obtain new labels deleting all claims regarding non-fattening properties.
Inf.1548Ammoniated Tincture of Quinine.Slightly deficient in ammonia.Remainder of consignment withdrawn from sale. Firm to improve sealing of bottles.
Inf. 1549Spirit of Camphor.Incorrectly labelled "Spirit of Camphor B.P."New labels being provided by Manufacturing Chemists.
F.1202Fruit Salad in Syrup.Complaint of smell and oily taste, not confirmed, but sample had, however, a slight sulphur smell which was insufficient to be objectionable.No action in view of further can— same consignment— having no objectionable taste or smell.
F.1203Fruit Lollie (orange).Contained fruit juice less than 1%- insufficient to justify description.Manufacturer agreed either to increase the fruit content or to amend label.
Inf. 1641Milk.16% deficient in fat.Formal follow-up samples taken and found to be genuine. Dairy firm stated deficiency due to failure of mechanical storers in storage vessels. All milk in question thought to have been recovered for processing but some bottles must have slipped through.
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