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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Sample No.ARTICLE (General description)Nature of Adulteration or IrregularityAction taken
Cpt. 1528Golden Plums.Contained a sediment of foreign matter in the form of earth or soil.Matter considered by Council and Canners warned.
Cpt. 1538⅓ pint bottle of pasteurised milk containing extraneous matter.Contained a foreign body in the form of a piece of ferruginous earthy matter.Matter considered by Council and taken up with Bottling Firm.
Cpt. 1616Milk Bottle.Contained a caterpillar.Insufficient evidence to establish that caterpillar was in bottle of milk before delivery to school.
Cpt. 1613Bread— slice of.Contained foreign bodies consisting of dough and traces of mineral oil.Matter considered by Council— Baker warned.
Cpt. 1623Bread— loaf of.Contained a handmade cigarette end.Legal proceedings instituted Bakery firm fined £5.
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Tins of baby food (apricots and rice) alleged to have caused sickness.Matter taken up with Vendor, remaining stock examined and found to be satisfactory.
Dirty and cracked bottles of milk.Matter referred to Local Authority where Dairy situated.
Sour milk delivered to school.Matter referred to Local Authority where Dairy situated.
Hair in jar of pickled onions.Matter taken up with Manufacturer.
Bottle of milk delivered without cap and milk dirty.After investigation— complaint withdrawn as facts not substantiated.
Maggot in tin of tomatoes.No action— remainder of contents of tin had been destroyed.
Third pint bottle of milk containing milk bottle top.Matter taken up with Bottling Firm concerned and assurance given that a recurrence would be avoided.
Screw in bun.Complainant settled matter privately with Vendor.
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