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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Essex County Council Act, 1952 Section 103.
This section which deals with the registration of hawkers of food
and their premises came into force on 1st April 1953 and at the end of
the year 42 persons and 12 premises had been registered.
Clean Food Propaganda.
One thousand copies of the Central Council for Health Education
"Guide to the Food Hygiene Regulations 1955 " were purchased and
distributed on a wide scale to the various traders and persons concerned
in the execution of the Regulations.
Milk Pasteurising Plant.
The only plant operated in the district continues to give satisfactory
results. 53 methylene blue and phosphatase test samples were examined
and in one instance failed the phosphatase test.
Milk Distributors.
There are 13 milk distributors with registered premises in the
district. There are also 13 firms registered as milk distributors in
Hornchurch whose premises are registered in other districts. In addition
42 shopkeepers are registered for the sale of bottled milk only.
Cleanliness of Milk Bottles.
The bottles in which milk was supplied by a local vendor were
examined empty and immediately before filling for distribution. Initially
the results were not wholly satisfactory but on further investigation and
on advice being given to the supplier, a completely satisfactory result
was obtained. The crates in which the bottles are distributed were also
investigated and proved satisfactory.
May I once again exhort the public to wash empty milk bottles
before they are returned to the vendor.
The Milk (Special Designation) (Raw Milk) Regulations 1949-54,
and The Milk (Spccial Designation) (Pasteurised and Sterilised Milk)
Regulations, 1949-53 :

The number of licences issued by the Council during the year was as follows:—

Dealer's (Pasteuriser's)1
Dealer's (Pasteurised)51
Supplementary Pasteurised7
Dealer's Sterilised72
Supplementary Sterilised8
Dealer's Tuberculin Tested38
Supplementary Tuberculin Tested6