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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Carcases Inspected and Condemned.

Cattle excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
Number killed477_1791,4371,311
Number inspected4771791,4371,311--
All diseases except Tuberculosis—
Whole carcases condemened------
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned44--615-
Percentage of number inspected affected with disease other than tuberculosis.9.2%--4%1.1%-
Tuberculosis only—
Whole carcases condemned1-----
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned23---22-
Percentage of number inspected affected with tuberculosis5.03%---1.7%-
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned------
Carcases submitted to treatment by refrigeration------
Generalised and totally condemned------

Ice Cream.
During the year 21 applications for registration as vendors and 13
applications for registration of premises for the storage and sale of ice
cream were granted.
At the end of the year 14 persons and premises were registered for
manufacture and 280 for the storage and/or sale of ice cream.
Our bacteriological sampling increased from 86 last year to 98
this year. 78 proved satisfactory. In addition 44 samples were taken
under the Food and Drugs Act for examination by the Public Analysts.
The quality of the ice cream sold locally remains in general of a
highly satisfactory order.
Preserved Food Manufacturers.
Section 90 of the Hornchurch Urban District Council Act, 1936,
requires registration of preserved food manufacturers and premises. At
the end of the year 53 yersons and 72 premises were registered for the
manufacture of preserved meat, an increase of 10 persons and 12
premises. The increase appeared mainly due to grocers cooking their
own hams. This practice requires constant vigilance in hygiene if it is
not to be a source of potential difficulty. I think that this point has
been duly impressed upon the applicants and upon everyone cooking
ham in this fashion but a formal word on the matter here may not be