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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Unsound Food.

During the year the following foods were voluntarily surrendered to the Public Health Inspectors as being unfit for human consumption:—

Tinned Meat9484
Tinned Fish10610
Tinned Milk9515
Tinned Food11096
Miscellaneous Groceries69913
Skim Milk Powder80

Clean Food.
The application of the Food Hygiene Regulations to individual
premises within the area was made the subject of both general propaganda
and personal approach by the District Public Health Inspectors.
It is inevitable that the application of any legislation of this nature
should on occasion be difficult to relate practically to every premise
coming within its scope. It can be said that in this district the Inspectors
have secured a very wide measure of co-operation in carrying out the
various works which were deemed necessary to make these premises
comply with the Regulations and so maintain a standard of food hygiene
in keeping with modern demands.
Four Certificates of Exemption were issued during the year.
When it is stated that only 9 applications for Certificates of Exemption
under Section 16 were made, the full measure of the co-ordination
that has been received is evident. The applications were considered by
the Committee in considerable detail and were only granted where it
could be established that the difficulties of complying with the Regula
tions were in fact insuperable.
Meat Inspection.
It was agreed that model bye-laws concerning slaughterhouses
should be adopted.
The question of providing a municipal abbatoir was investigated in
concert with other Authorities and at the end of the year the matter
stood adjourned sine die.
Slaughter of Animals Acts, 1933 to 1954.
Seven slaughterman's licences were issued during the year.