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Friern Barnet 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]


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    Measles was added to this list in 1894 for a period of two years, and was again added at end of year 1896.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Puerperal Fever.Typhoid.Erysipelas.Measles.Totals.
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    Table showing number of Infectious Cases notified each month:—
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    FRIERN BARNET URBAN SANITARY DISTRICT. Inspector's Report of the Sanitary Work completed in the Year, 1896.
    No. of Complaints received during the year.No. of Houses, Premises, &c., inspected.No. of Re-inspections of Houses, Premises, &c.Results of InspectionHouse DrainsPrivies and WaterclosetsDust BinsWater SupplyMiscellaneousNotifications.
    Orders issued for Sanitary Amendments of Houses and Premises.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, Whitewashed, &c.Houses Disinfected after illness of an Infectious Character.Repaired, Cleansed, Trapped, &c.Ventilated.Repaired, &c.Supplied with Water.New provided.New provided.Repaired, Covered, &c.Cisterns (new) erected.Cisterns Cleansed, Repaired and Covered.Waste Pipes connected with Drains, &c., abolished.No. of Lodging Houses registered under 36th Section of the "Sanitary Act, 1866," or 90th Section of Public Health Act, 1876."Dust removals. No. of Dust Bins Cleared.Removal of Accumulations of Dung, Stagnant Water, Animal and other Refuse.Animals Removed, being improperly kept.Regularly InspectedLegal Proceedings: i.e., Summonses.
    Bakehouses.Licensed Cowsheds.Licensed Slaughter-houses.
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    The following table shows inhabited houses and those unoccupied for the several years:—
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    TABLE I. Showing Population, Inhabited Houses, Births and Deaths for the years 1884 to 1896.
    YearNo. of Inhabited Houses.Population to middle of Year.No. of Births.Birthrate per 1.000.No. of DeathsDeath-rate per 1,000.
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    Year.Deaths under 1 year.Deaths under 5 years.Deaths under 1 year per 1,000 Births.
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    Table III. Showing deaths registered from all causes, with ages at death, during the year 1895. Specific Febrile or Zymotic Diseases—
    No. of DeathsAges.
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    Approximate population with number of deaths in each Ward, together with rate per 1,000 living at all ages in each Ward.
    Ward.Population.DeathsRate per 1,000.
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    TABLE IV. Showing total deaths at all ages, 1896, from certain groups of diseases and proportions to 1,000 of population; also number of deaths of infants under one year from other groups of diseases and proportions to 1,000 of population.
    DIVISION 1.—All Ages.DIVISION II.— Infants under 1 year.
    Principal Zymotic Diseases.Pulmonary Diseases.Principal Tubercular Diseases."Wasting Diseases.Convulsive Diseases.
    Year.Total Deaths.Death rate per 1000.Total Deaths.Death rate per 1000.Total Deaths.Death rate per 1000.Total Deaths.Death rate per 1000.Total Deaths.Death rate per 1000.