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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Mr. White's District.Mr. Powell's District.Total
New cesspools provided22
Drains tested with smoke teat28836
,, ,, ,, and found defective25732
Drains tested with water-tesb41317
,, „ ,, and found defective41014
Houses at which drains were reconstructed or new provided331346
Houses at which drains were cleansed, ventilated, trapped, or repaired10577182
Drains cut off from discharging into water-courses22
Stables provided with drainage134
Premises from which animals improperly kept were removedi549
Seizures of unwholesome food213
Convictions for selling11
Urinals cleansed or repaired213
,, supplied with water for flushing44
,, reconstructed77
Smoke nuisances abated112
Offensive accumulations removed151116
Paving of piggeries repaired314
Drainage ,, ,,213
Infected houses fumigated and cleansed9615111
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Besides the above, and resulting from house-to-house inspections
made by the Medical Officer of Health with the Inspectors of
Nuisances, ten houses were certified to be unfit for human
habitation under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890.
A cottage in Woodmansterne was,in consequence, thoroughly
repaired, four dwellings in Sanderstead are being replaced by new
buildings, and as soon as the latter are completed, the former
will be demolished; two dwellings in Beddington were closed
voluntarily by the owner; and as to three dwellings in Addington,
the necessary notices in regard to them had not expired when
the year closed.
There were also three houses at Purley dealt with under the
Public Health Act, which were closed by the owner, and have
since been demolished.
Application was made for " closing orders " in regard to the
three houses in Mitcham (Piccadilly), referred to in the last

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