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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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annual report, and were granted on the evidence of the County
Medical Officer and myself. Subsequently, in consequence of the
air-space near these houses being considerably increased, the
Sanitary Authority did not oppose the determination of the
closing orders in regard to two of the houses.
The long-standing nuisance caused by encampments of gipsies
at Beddington Corner, Wallington, close to a considerable population,
was, it is hoped, finally abated during the year. Notices
were served on a great many individual gipsies, and followed in
a number of instances by magisterial proceedings. Convictions
were always obtained, accompanied by strong remarks from the
Bench, and finally, with the assistance of the police, the ground
was forcibly cleared; for a time it was necessary to make special
arrangements for watching the ground, but no attempt has been
made for several months by the gipsies to regain possession of
this land.
Other gipsy encampments have also required to be dealt
with elsewhere, mainly in Merton and Mitcham.
(a) Dairies, Cowsheds, &c.
There are 57 premises registered under the Dairies, Cowsheds,
and Milk-shops Order of 1885, five having been newly
registered during 1894.

They are distributed as follows :—

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The following are the particulars of inspections of these
premises during the year:—
Total number of visits paid to cowsheds, &c 317
Premises at which improvements in lighting, ventilation, drainage,
paving, means of oleansing, or water-supply were effected 13
Premises found unclean 20
Cases where notices for cleansing were necessary 4

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