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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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The supervision of the Inspectors' work, by the Medical
Officer of Health, referred to in the last annual report, has been
continued, including the regular examination of books and

The following is a summary of the work which has been done under the Health Department during the year

Mr. White's DistrictMr. Powell's DistriotTotal
Number of complaints received and attended to7688164
Number of Premises inspected18178322049
Total number of Visits paid209322951388
Nuisances discovered312289601
„ abated without report247203450
„ „ after report464287
" Preliminary " notices served312181493
Legal notices served8135116
Notices followed by legal proceedings112
Chabacter of Work done—
Houses cleansed and repaired generally702797
Houses ventilated128
Overcrowding abated6813
Defective roofs repaired281543
Houses under-pinned (damp-proof course inserted)038
Eaves-gutters renewed or repaired191433
Water-closets renewed or repaired8333116
Indoor soil-pipes abolished, and new ones provided outside and ventilatd336
" D " traps abolished111627
Water closets provided with water for flushing, and disconnected from domestic supply402767
Privies or earth-closets converted into water-closets077
Privies reconstructed with small movable receptacles, or converted into earth-closets088
New receptacles provided for earth-closets or privies066
Bath, lavatory, and Bink waste-pipes disconnected from drain, and caused to discharge over gully-traps20525
Houses supplied with water from a water-main21425
Water-tanks or cisterns cleansed or oovered281341
Yards of houses paved with impervious material30939
Paving of yards repaiied10919
Ashpits or dustbins provided3617S3
,, „ cleansed aud covered171532
Cesspools abolished and filled up123
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