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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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The staff of this school do a very good job in spite of many handicaps. Th«
school buildings are draughty, heating is inadequate and the rebuilding of a mod
purpose-built school suitably equipped for these handicapped children is long over
E.S.N. Section
During the year 11 children left the E.S.N. Section on ceasing to be of complsory
school age (3 Barking and 8 out of district) - all were recommended as requesing
care or guidance after leaving school.
One Ilford child was found to be unsuitable for education at school and recover
mended for action in accordance with Section 57 of the Education Act 1944.
Two children (1 Barking and 1 Ilford) were transferred to Residential Special
Schools for E.S.N, pupils. Two Ilford children returned to ordinary schools and;
children (1 Barking and 1 Ilford) were allowed to leave at the age of 15 years as
they were no longer considered to require special educational treatment.
Open Air Section
During the year 15 children (1 Barking and 14 out of district) were no long<
considered to require special educational treatment - 9 returned to ordinary school
and 6 aged 15 were allowed to leave school. In addition, 2 children (1 BarkingI
1 out of district) were transferred to Hospital Schools. 2 children (1 Barking and
out of district) left this Section on reaching the age of sixteen years. One Barking
child was recommended for home tuition.
Sixty-seven children were sent away for periods of convalescence of up to


(a) PERIODIC Number of children examined at school:-975
(i) Entrants1,079
(ii) Second age group1,338
(iii) Third age group275
(iv) Others
Total3,667 I
Number of defects found requiring treatment1,432
Number of defects found requiring observation667
Number of individual pupils found to require treatment1,146
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