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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Nutritional classification of pupils examined:-Total (All Schools)
Entrants2nd Age Group3rd Age GroupOthers
Satisfactory9691,0741 3362753,654
(b) SPECIAL Number of children specially examined (including medical examinations for School Camps, Boxing and Part-time employment)6,816
Number of defects found requiring treatment5,223
Number of defects found requiring observation53
(c) RE-INSPECTION Number of children re-inspected7,971
1 TREATMENT OF CHILDREN (a) Total attendances at Specialists' Clinics:- (i) Ear, Nose and Throat539
(iii) Orthopaedic68
(iv) Paediatrics172
(v) Skin933
(b) Total attendances at Treatment Clinics:-18,016
(ii) Chiropody629
(iii) Orthopaedic1,230
(iv) Orthoptic1,672
(v) Speed therapy1,789
(vi) Skin2,348
(c) Number of children who received operative treatment for tonsils and adenoids116
3. HOME VISITING Total number of visits made by School Nurses2,406
4. HYGIENE INSPECTIONS (i) Number of examinations of pupils in school11,852
(ii) Number of pupils found unclean116
5. DENTAL INSPECTION AND TREATMENT (i) Number of pupils inspected in school1,367
(ii) Number of pupils inspected at Clinics583
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