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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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A summary is given below of the ascertainment and placement of handicapped

pupils during the year:-

CategoryNo. of pupils ascertained during 1961No. of pupils admitted to Special Schools during yearTotal No. of pupils In Special Schools as at 31.12.61
Partially deaf---2-
Partially sighted---2-
Physically Handicapped9621-
Educationally Sub-Normal98-482
Dual defect (E.S.N. & P.H.)11-2-
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. The following table shows the distribution:-

Open-Air (Delicate)Physically HandicappedEducationally Sub-Normal
1 Barking92047
1 dagenham12-6
1 East Ham114-
1 "ford--32
1 Romford12311
1 South Essex--1
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At the end of 1901 there was a total of 168 children attending Fair cross School,
is school is divide into three sections-Open-Air, Physically Handicapped and
nationally sub-normal, and the children are admitted from Dagenham, East Ham,
Ilford, south Essexand a Romford, as well as from Barking
It will be seen from he above that some districts possess their own Special
school e.g. Dagenham has a Physically Handicapped School which does not admit
delicated children and it also has an E.S.N. School from which we take an overflow;
East Ham has an E.S.N. School and Ilford has a Physically Handicapped School
which admits delicate children.
The Physically Handicapped and Open-air Sections are taught together in one
of the school and the Educationally Sub-Normal in a different part.
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