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Acton 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Waste Pipes: sinks, baths ami lavatories trapped with lead traps342155
„ new, provided1313
Rain Water Pipes disconnected from drain284876
„ repaired426
„ provided268
Eaves guttering provided279
,, repaired71118
Gully Traps replaced with stoneware gullies21012
„ removed from improper situation41216
„ unstopped3131
„ provided1010
„ grids provided to178
„ cement work around, repaired32831
Yards or Passages, paving repaired12627
„ paved and drained6984153
„ cleansed3636
Bust Bins provided215071
Ashpits, foul arid defective, remedied11819
Cisterns repaired and covered221537
„ cleansed141428
„ removed from improper positions1212
Cleansing, houses cleansed and whitewashed221127348
„ plastering of walls and ceilings repaired77
„ houses dealt with under Housing Acts
Workshops cleansed and lime washed1818
„ excessive steam in11
roofs repaired22
„ floors repaired-44
„ overcrowding11
Roofs of houses repaired12517
Floors of houses repaired or relaid27936
„ workshops repaired or relaid44
„ stables repaired or relaid33
Stables provided with drainage12416
„ ventilation11
Coachhouse floors repaired
„ ceilings repaired
Dampness of house walls remedied45449
Air space under floors of houses ventilated31233
Accumulations, refuse removed181028
manure removed37542
„ water in cellars removed213
„ in ditches
Cess pools cleansed11
Manure receptacles provided224
Animals, fowls, etc., nuisances from, abated5611
Urinals cleansed88
„ reconstructed77
Smoke, nuisances abated7916
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