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Acton 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Overcrowding, number of cases abated1111
Water, supply provided to houses639
„ taps provided on Main1515
Miscellaneous, nuisances abated16319
Inspections.—Number of premises inspected on complaint483
„ Number of premises inspected in connection with infectious Diseases276
„ Number of Premises under Periodical Inspection286
„ Houses inspected from House-to-house138
,, Total number of inspections and re-inspections made5,855
Notices.—Cautionary notices given1,200
Statutory orders issued692
,, Summonses served4
,, Convictions obtained4
Dwelling Houses.—Houses, premises, etc., cleansed, repaired, etc.355
„ Illegal underground dwellings vacated1
Houses let in separate dwellings or lodgings.—Number registered under Bye-Laws132
Common lodging houses—Number registered under Bye-Laws2
Movable dwellings, caravans, tents, etc.—Number observed during the year7
,, Number removed from district7
Workshops and workplaces—Number in district420
„ Contraventions of Factory Acts37
Laundries.—Number in district288
Bakehouses.—Number in district28
„ Contraventions of Factory Acts1
Slaughterhouses.—Number on Register4
Cow-sheds.—Number on Register3
Dairies and Milkshops.—Number on Register69
Unsound Food.—Articles or Parcels seized and articles or Parcels surrendered388
Adulterated Food.—Samples taken62
,, Found adulterated9
Offensive Trades.—Number of premises in district8
Contraventions of Bye-Laws3
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Wells.—Closed as polluted 1
Percentage of Houses supplied from Public Water Service 100 per cent.
Cisterns.—New, provided 9
„ Cleansed, repaired, covered, etc 45
„ Overflow pipes disconnected from drains 1
Draw-taps removed from Cisterns to Mains 15
Percentage of houses supplied on constant system 100 per cent.
Water Closets—New constructed 176
„ „ Repaired, supplied with water or otherwise improved 212
„ „ Percentage of houses provided with water closets 100

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