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Acton 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Legal Proceedings.
Date. Offence. Fine.
Jan. 10th. Depositing for the purpose of sale
a Tubercular Cow's carcase. Fine £5 and costs.
Jan. 10th. „ „ „ Fine £5 and costs.
May 2nd. Butter adulterated with 70 per cent. Fined 20s., Analyst's
of Margarine fee 10/6, and costs.
May 30. Butter adulterated with 60 per cent. Fined 40s., Analyst's
of Margarine. fees, and costs.

The following Tabulated List gives particulars of the Sanitary Improvements effected during the year:—

F. J. FearnsJ. J. Jenkins
North District.South District.TI.
House Drains taken up and reconstructed9145136
„ repaired152641
unstopped and cleansed286694
„ provided with intercepting traps6949118
„ manholes provided to7778155
,, ventilated3670106
„ manholes to, cleansed2222
„ manholes to, repaired62632
„ fresh air inlets repaired31417
fresh air inlets provided6845133
Water Closets repaired121224
„ new, provided10373176
„ new, pans provided to11718
„ unstopped and cleansed111122
,, pan closets and containers replaced by efficient plans_-44
„ provided with new flushing cisterns34750
„ flushing cisterns repaired193352
„ flush, disconnected from drinking water cistern21012
„ additional provided to houses88
„ additional or separate, provide in Factories and Workshops-99
apartments, foul and dilapidated31013
Soil Pipes repaired18624
„ ventilated17724
„ increased ventilation provided to5510
,, reconstructed24933
Interceptors, want of stoppers to31013
Ventilating Shafts repaired34539
Waste Pipes disconnected from drain448
„ stopped or repaired11819
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