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Acton 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Number of Inspections, &c.
1,754 Premises inspected.
3,091 Re-inspections to premises where Nuisances were in course
of abatement.
2,809 Nuisances were reported.
2,628 „ „ abated.
1,108 Letters written.
1,206 „ received.
64 Notices received from H.M. Factory Inspector.
10 Library Books removed from Infected Houses and destroyed.
15 Van Dwellings inspected.
335 Visits paid to Infected Houses.
40 Infectious Patients removed to Hospitals.
356 Rooms fumigated.
18 tons 12 cwt. Bedding disinfected.
25 Closets disinfected after Enteric Fever Cases.

The following Tabulated List gives particulars of the sanitary improvements effected during the year :—

House drains taken up and reconstructed48
,, repaired15
„ unstopped and cleansed102
„ provided with intercepting traps95
„ manholes provided to109
„ ventilated106
„ manholes to, cleansed12
„ „ repaired14
„ fresh-air inlets repaired12
Water-closets repaired36
„ new pans provided to94
,, unstopped and cleansed38
„ pan closets and containers replaced by efficient pans19
„ provided with flushing cisterns40
„ flushing cisterns repaired103
„ flush, disconnected from drinking water cistern11
„ additional or separate, provided in Factories and Workshops8
Soil-pipes repaired9
„ ventilated18
„ increased ventilation provided37
,, Norman Shaw system abolished -2