London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Acton 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Ventilating shafts repaired27
„ provided6
Waste-pipes, sink waste-pipes disconnected from drain39
„ bath and lavatory waste-pipes5
„ bath and lavatory waste-pipes disconnected from soil-pipes -4
„ repaired33
„ trapped with lead traps5
Rainwater-pipes disconnected from drain220
„ repaired41
„ provided10
Eaves guttering provided27
„ repaired35
Gully traps replaced with stoneware gullies184
„ unstopped25
„ provided48
„ cement work around, repaired20
Yards, paving repaired116
„ paved and drained58
„ cleansed10
Dust-bins provided215
Cisterns repaired and covered24
„ cleansed15
Houses cleansed and whitewashed180
„ plastering of walls and ceilings repaired52
Workshops cleansed and limewashed26
Roofs of houses repaired42
Floors of houses repaired or relaid73
„ workshops repaired or relaid24
„ stables repaired or relaid9
Dampness of house walls remedied6
Accumulations of refuse removed17
„ manure removed25
,, water in cellars removed5
Manure receptacles provided21
Animals, fowls, &c., nuisances from, abated31
Overcrowding, number of cases abated9
Smoke nuisances, number of cases dealt with7
Privies abolished and earth-closets provided3
Water supply provided to houses4
Miscellaneous nuisances abated42

Notices.—776 Preliminary Notices and 153 Statutory Notices
have been served for the abatement of Nuisances, and the necessary