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Acton 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Annual Report of tbe Sanitary Inspector
for the Dear 1902.
To Dr G. A. Garry Simpson, Medical Officer of Health.
Sir,—I herewith present my Annual Statement, showing the particulars
of the action taken in the suppression of Nuisances, &c., and
various improvements effected by this Department during the year 1902.
It will be seen from the tables which I have compiled that a great
deal of sanitary work has been done through the medium of this
Department, although the Small Pox outbreak during the year interrupted
our work to no small degree, as my own time and that of
my Assistant was for many days taken up with removing Cases to
Hospital and following up contacts, &c.
I am pleased to state that now we have a separate office, the work
is done in a more systematic manner than was possible when we were
hampered through lack of office accommodation.
The provision of a Typewriter at the beginning of the year has
proved invaluable, for we are now able to write our letters, notices,
reports, &c., in far less time than was possible before, thus saving much
valuable time.
The new Factory and Workshop Act which came into force on
1st January has added considerably to the work of your Inspectors.
Mr Fraser, my Assistant, has now been with me eighteen months,
and I can only speak in the highest terms of his abilities, and the
manner in which he has discharged his duties. I only hope that I
shall be able to retain his services for some years.
I am, Dear Sir, obediently yours,
Maurice W. Kinch.
Public Health Department,
Gothic Villa, Mill Hill Grove.