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Marylebone 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Marylebone, Metropolitan Borough]


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    Live Births— TotalM.F.
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    TABLE 1. INFANTILE MORTALITY. Nett Deaths from Stated Causes at various ages under One Year, and in Sub-Districts.
    No.CAUSE OF DEATH.Under 1 Week.1 and under 2 Weeks.2 and under 3 Weeks.3 and under 4 Weeks.Total under 1 Month.1 and under 3 Months.3 and under 6 Months.6 and under 9 Months.9 and under 12 Months.Total Deaths under 1 Year.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ Church.St. John.Total
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    TABLE 2. Cancer : Ages at Death.
    Ages.Under 1.2 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and upwards.Total.
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    TABLE 3. Cancer : Situation of the Disease.
    Parts of the body affected.Males.Females.Totals.
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    TABLE 4. Vital Statistics for 1940 and Ten Previous Years.
    YearPopulation estimated to middle of each YearBirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the DistrictTransferable DeathsNett Deaths Belonging to the District
    UncorrectedNettof Non-residents registered in the Districtof Residents not registered in the DistrictUnder 1 year of AgeAt all Ages
    No.RateNo.RateNo.Rate per 1,000 Nett BirthsNo.Rate
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    TABLE 5.—Causes of, and Ages at Death during the Year 1940.
    No.CAUSES OF DEATH.Nett deaths at the sub-joined ages of "Residents" whether occurring within or without the Borough.Deaths in Institutions in the District.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ Church.St. John.Total.
    All Ages.Under 1.1 and under 2.2 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and upwards
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    TABLE 6. Home Nursing Service.
    Condition.No. of cases nursed.No. of visits paid.
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    TABLE 7. Work of the Infant Consultations and Other Clinics.
    Centre.Health Centre No. 1.Health Centre No. 2.Queen Charlotte's Hospital.The Middlesex Hospital.
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    TABLE 8. Work of the Dental Clinic.
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    TABLE 9. Nuisances Detected and Remedied.
    Nature of Nuisance.Districts.The Borough.
    No. 1.No. 2.No. 3.No. 4.No. 5.No. 6.
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    TABLE 10. Unsound Food Condemned and Destroyed.
    Meat-Tinned Goods (cont.) -
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    TABLE 11. Food and Drugs Analysed.
    No.Article.Number examined.Number adulterated or otherwise giving rise to irregularity.
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    TABLE 12. Adulterated Samples, etc.
    Serial Number.Article.Whether Formal, Informal or Private.Nature of adulteration or irregularity.Observations.
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    TABLE 13. Notifiable Diseases.
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    Table 14 shows the number of cases of infectious disease notified during the past six years:- TABLE 14. Infectious Disease Notifications.
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    TABLE 15. Cases of Infectious Disease Notified during 1940.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases notified in whole District.Cases notified in each locality.Cases removed to hospital from each locality.Cases isolated at home.Total deaths.
    At all agesAt Ages-years.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ ChurchSt. John.Totals.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ ChurchSt. John.Totals.
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    TABLE 16. Work of the Diphtheria Immunisation Clinics.
    Pre-school children.School children.Adults.Totals.
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    TABLE 17. Vaccination Return-1939. Return made to the Borough Council and Ministry of Health on the 13th February, 1941, by Dr. H. A. Bulman, Vaccination Officer of the Borough of St. Marylebone, respecting the Vaccination of Children whose Births were registered in St. Marylebone from 1st January, 1939, to 31st December, 1939, inclusive.
    Registration Sub-Districts comprised in the Vaccination Officer's District.Number of Births returned in the " Birth List Sheets " as registered from 1st January to 31st December 1939.Number of these Births duly entered by 31st January, 1941, in Columns I, II, IV and V of the " Vaccination Register " (Birth List Sheets), viz. :Number of these Births which on 31st January, 1941, remained unentered in the " Vaccination Register " on account (as shown by Report Book) ofNumber of these Births remaining on 31st January, 1941, neither duly entered in the "Vaccination Register" (columns 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of this Return) nor temporarily accounted for in the "Report Book" (columns 8, 9 and 10 of this Return).Total number of Certificates and copies of Certificates of Successful Primary Vaccination of children under 14 received during the calendar year 1940.Number of Statutory Declarations of Conscientious Objection actually received by the Vaccination Officer irrespective of the dates of birth of the children to which they relate during the calendar year 1940.
    Col. I.Col. II.Col. IV.Col. V.Postponement ky Medical Certificate.Removal to Districts, the Vaccination Officer of which has been duly apprised.Removal to places unknown, or which cannot be reached; and Cases not having been found.
    Successfully Vaccinated.Insusceptible of Vaccination.Had Small-Pox.Number in respect of whom Statutory Declarations of Conscientious Objection have been received.Died un-vacci-nated.
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    TABLE 18. Tuberculosis : New Cases and Deaths.
    Age Periods.NEW CASES.DEATHS.
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    TABLE 19. Tuberculosis Notifications-Localisation of Disease.
    Localisation of disease.Cases notified in whole district.Total cases notified in each locality.Number of cases removed to hospital from each locality.Cases isolated at home.
    At all Ages.At ages-years.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ ChurchSt. John.Totals.All Souls.St. Mary.Christ ChurchSt. John.Totals.
    Under 1.X to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 45.45 to 65.65 and upwards.
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    TABLE 20. Work of the Bacteriological Laboratory.