London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1901

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Towns which have provided or

Town.Has an emergency ambulance service been established, if so, by whom. 1Whether a horse or hand ambulance service. 2Area which ambulance serves. 3
LiverpoolYes, by Corporation (Watch Committee)Horse ambulances, supplemented by hand ambulancesCity area of 13,236 acres is divided into five districts, and in each is a horse ambulance
BirkenheadYes, a horse ambulance, bought by subscription, has been presented to CorporationHorse ambulance. Other ambulances are kept at the hospitals and other institutionsOne horse ambulance serves the whole district. Area, 3,850 acres
Manchester, 544,894Yes, by Corporation (Watch Committee)Horse ambulance serviceTwo horse ambulances at present in use. Four will be provided, one for each police division of the city.
OldhamYes, presented to town and now maintained by Watch CommitteeHorse ambulance serviceOne horse ambulance serves the whole town. Area 5,000 acres about. Occasionally used for surrounding district
BradfordYes, provided by subscription and afterwards taken over by CorporationA horse ambulance and hand ambulance serviceOne horse ambulance serves the area of sanitary district. Area 22,000 acres
Newcastle-on-TyneYes, by the Watch CommitteeHorse ambulance serviceTwo horse ambulances for the whole city area
HaddersfieldYes, by the policeHorse ambulance serviceOne horse ambulance for 11,852 acres
BoltonYes, by private individualHorse ambulance serviceOne horse ambulance for the borough (15,283 acrcs) and for short distances outside
Blackburn, 127,527Yes, by private subscriptionHorse ambulance service, and hand ambulances belonging to policeOne horse ambulance for 6,973 acres
BristolYesHorse ambulance service with hand ambulances and stretchers at the police stations...
GatesheadYes, by policeHorse and hand ambulance serviceThe area served by a horse ambulance is 3,138 acres
BurnleyYes, partly by public subscription, partly by-local authorityHorse ambulance serviceOne horse ambulance serves the borough. Area, 4,015 acres
HallYes. (1) Provided and maintained by private subscription. (2) By Corporation(1) One horse ambulance. (2) Hand ambulances(1) For whole city area. (2) For whole city area
SheffieldYes, by local authorityHorse ambulance service (there are also private hand ambulances at all big works)There are two horse ambulances for the city. Area, 19,651 acres
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