London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Mi!k supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fish, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
83Sept. 18Sept. 29M. 12Cup brandNeverFamily rarely have fish, if they do they do not buy it from X. The two boys, however, very frequently purchase " fish and taters " from X's shopTo swimming baths but never to X bathsBrother of case 89. Never has ginger-beer or mineral waters.
84Sept. 18Sept. 25M. 3MNeverThe family frequently consumes X's fried fish. The child eats it often, also the mother, the father is not so fond of itNeverNo ginger-beer or mineral waters. Case 96 is this child's mother.
85Sept. 19Sept. 19F. 8IOccasionallySee case 74...Children at Rams-gate from Sept. 10-17.
86Sept. 19Oct. 8M. 13GProbablyFried fish and shrimps from XTo X baths...
87Sept. 19Sept. 25F. 13Condensed.NeverWinkles and shrimps occasionally from X. The girl " if ever she had a halfpenny to spend would go to X's for a bit of fish and taters." Probably did so on night of Sept. 1st.NeverDrinks kaola. Left for Kent on night of Sept. 1.
88Sept. 19Oct. 1M. 16BABought fried fish from X until quite recently, i.e., a few days before his illness commencedTo swimming baths, but not to X bathsDrinks lemonade and kaola.
89Sept. 19Sept. 29M. 5Cup brandNeverSee case 83 (the brother of this boy)To swimming baths but never to X bathsBrother of case 83.
90Sept. 20Sept. 29M. 4......This case proved to be one of pleural effusion and not enteric fever......
91Sept. 20Oct. 3F. 4BB or CFried fish, wet fish and winkles from XNeverSister of cases 32 and 126. Daughter of case 92.
92Sept. 20Oct. 8F. 36BNeverSee above. In addition to fish has had cockles and oysters from XNeverSee case 91.
93Sept. 20Oct. 1M. 11BNeverFamily often have fried fish and sometimes winkles and shrimps from XTo X baths on Monday morningsDrinks ginger-beer. See cases No. 125.
94Sept. 20Sept. 27F. 15CondensedYes, but source not knownFamily deal at X's. This girl and her sister (case 99), often buy fried fish there. The others (father mother and baby, set. 2), do not, eat fried fish as a ruleTo swimming baths but never to X bathsEats watercress. Drinks mineral waters. A very mild case. See case 99.
95Sept. 20Sept. 29M. 4BA's manOften buys fried fish for supper from X. Other members of family rarely do so, but occasionally buy winkles thereNeverDrinks kaola.
96Sept. 20Sept. 28F. 30MNeverSee case 84 (the child of 96)NeverLemonade occasionally,
97Sept. 20• • •F. 18Condensed• ••Fried fish and other fish from X. Probably had former on Sept. 1st, but not after that until commencement of illness• ••Went hopping on Sept. 1st. May have been infected while away.
98Sept. 21Oct. 8F. 30NLives at an ice cream shopFried fish, wet fish, and shell fish from XNeverA very mild case.
99Sept. 21Oct. 12F. 10Condensed...See case 94. Very fond of " fish and taters "NeverA mild case,but gave marked Widal's reaction.
100Sept. 21Sept. 28F. 12Head brandBFamily buy winkles from X, fried fish elsewhere. The child, however, gets "fried fish and taters " from X regularly on SaturdaysNeverVery rarely has lemonade orginger-beer.