London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Milk supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fish, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
65Sept. 16Sept. 26M. 13CondensedNeverWet fish and shrimps from X. The boys, the patient and his brother, buy fried fish thereTo X bathsDrinks mineral water. Does not eat watercress.
66Sept. 16Sept. 21M. 11EBFried fish from X frequently (see cases 14 and 18)Never...
67Sept. 16Sept. 21M. 15G; also goat brandA's manFried fish, and sometimes winkles from XTo X baths at end of August...
68Sept. 16Sept. 25F. 7...NeverFried fish and winkles habitually obtained from XNeverA very mild case.
69Sept. 16Sept. 24M. 14CondensedNeverFried fish for supper, obtained from X. Never winkles or shrimpsNever...
70Sept. 16Sept. 21M. 7Head brandNeverA haddock bought from X on Saturday 1st or 8th of September, and some eaten by patient. Fish usually obtained by family elsewhere, but childmay have obtained fried fish on his own account......
71Sept. 16Sept. 30F. 17LNeverShell fish from X, but fish for family obtained from another source. The girl, however, buys on her own account, and may have bought fried fish at X's, the nearest shop. The girl was away from home Sept. 1-4 and may have been infected then...Family used to live close to X's shop, but removed to some little distance from it about Sept. 16th.
72Sept. 17Sept. 23M. 15NoneNoneNever bought anything at X's shop so far as he can remember...Lived on extreme boundary of infected area.
73Sept. 17Sept. 24F. 30BNeverThis patient is the wife of No. 5NeverDrank mineral waters.
74Sept. 17Sept. 19M. 12IOccasionallyMother buys winkles but rarely buys fish from X. The children buy " fried fish and taters " for themselves from XNeverBrother of girl, case 85. See also case 110.
75Sept. 17Sept. 25M. 8BBMother deals at X's. " The children are very fond of fried fish and taters, but they always procure it at X's, the shop they know." Another case (108) in this familyTo X bathsNever ginger beer or mineral waters.
76Sept. 17Sept. 25F. 12BBNot to bathsNever ginger beer or mineral waters.
77Sept. 17Sept. 25M. 16FNeverFond of fried fish. Obtains this and also haddock, bloaters and shrimps from XTo X baths on WednesdaysDrinks ginger beer.
78Sept. 17Oct. 13M. 19• ••NeverFish of all kinds from X's shop frequently• ••A relapse on Oct. 1st, and this 2nd attack was diagnosed as enteric.
79Sept. 17Sept. 26F. 11CondensedVarious sourcesUsed to deal at X's, but changed early in Sept., because they had "some they did not fancy." Child often bought fried fish thereNeverNo mineral waters.
80Sept. 18Sept. 25F. 8BNeverThe family deal at X's ; they buy most of their fish uncooked, but sometimes have fried fish...Not removed to hospital. A very mild case.
81Sept. 18Sept. 25F. 13CondensedCFried and wet fish from XNever•••
82Sept. 18Sept. 27F. 14...NeverFried fish from X frequentlyTo X bathsSister of case 96