London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sox and age.Milk supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fish, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
101Sept. 21Oct. 1F. 10BNeverFried fish, winkles and shrimps from X. The former usually on Wednesdays (washing day) for dinner. Sometimes on other daysNeverEats watercress.
102Sept. 22Sept. 27F. 8BBMother dealt at X's before child was ill. Child was fond of fried fishNeverNo mineral waters.
103Sept. 22Sept. 25M. 12...BFamily occasionally eat fried fish from X. The boy " mostly spends his own half-pennies, when he does spend them, at X's, on fish and taters, but he is a saving boy." Never eats winklesNeverA fatal case. Peritonitis.
104Sept. 22Oct. 6F. 10Head brand also from BDFamily occasionally has fried fish. Child often buys " fish and taters " at X's on her own accountNeverEats watercress. No mineral waters.
105Sept. 22Oct. 2M. 16Head brandA and elsewhereMother does not deal at X's. Boy buys winkles and fish there but is not sure about fried fish. He often buys fried fish on his own account but usually elsewhereTo X bathsOften buys fruit and ginger beer for himself.
100Sept. 23Sept. 27F. 9......Stayed from 21st to 23rd September with an aunt living in the infected area. Had also stayed with her on September 9th and possibly on September 2nd. Lived some distance away. The family of the aunt obtained milk from B and fish (when they have it, they do not like fish) from a source named, not X......
107Sept. 23Oct. 1M. 12BNeverFried fish from source named, not X. This lad is the cousin of case 42.NeverA doubtful case, not removed to hospital.
108Sept. 23Sept. 28M. 5BBSee cases 75 and 76; his brother and sisterNever...
109Sept. 23Oct. 7M. 14E also head brandBOften buys fried fish at X's for his supper. Family eat it occasionally and also obtain mussels from XNeverEats watercress.
110Sept. 24Sept. 28M. 6½......Brother of cases 74 and 85......
111Sept. 25Oct. 1M. 17LSometimes has "16 dips at a time"Fish from source named, not XNot to X bathsDrinks mineral waters.
112Sept. 25Oct. 9F. 12Condensed...Mother does not buy from X. Child is a great friend of case 115, and " may have bought things " when out with her. Used to go to a house where cases of enteric fever had occurred (see case 115)To X baths. Has won prizes for swimmingFond of fruit and watercress.
113Sept. 26Sept. 27F. 4B also cup brandA and BSee cases 41 and 48 ; child belongs to same family. Another case was notified from this family on September 29th, a child, female, set. 4......
114Sept. 27Oct. 2M. 22BBFamily deal at X's. This patient is the brother of case 46, he washed this brother when he wa3 lying ill of " influenza " on September 16th......
115Sept. 28Oct. 3F. 8Head brandNeverFried fish, fish and winkles from X. This child and the child, 112 above, were in the habit of visiting a house in which cases of enteric fever were under treatment at home...Never lemonade or ginger-beer.