London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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No.Date of onset of illness.Date of notification.Sex and age.Milk supply.Ice-cream.As to consumption of fiah, fried fish, shell fish, &c.As to use of swimming baths.Remarks.
49Sept. 14Sept. 25F. 13BBFamily buys skate, haddock and shrimps, and occasionally winkles for Sunday from X. The girl herself was in the habit of buying " fried fish and taters " there. The other members of the family very rarely have fried fishNever...
50Sept. 14Sept. 22M. 5...AThe family obtain fried fish from X'sNever...
51Sept. 14Sept. 17F. 11CondensedFond of ice cream; source not ascertainedFried fish, also winkles and shrimps occasionally from X's...Never ginger-beer or mineral waters
52Sept. 14Sept. 20M. 12Head brandB"Fried fish and taters" from X frequently. A bloater occasionallyTo X bathsFond of ginger beer.
53Sept. 14Sept. 22M. 15Head brandNeverThe family obtain fried fish and taters " from another source, not from X, but the patient is a friend of the boy, case 52, and would buy with him from XTo X baths on August 22nd ; not sinceNever buys mineral waters of any kind.
54Sept. 14Sept, 28F. 15JRarely, and then from a source quite away from the areaFamily do not buy fish from X. The girl bought " fish and taters " from X for supper very frequentlyNeverOccasionally ginger-beer.
55Sept. 15Sept. 22F. 13CondensedNeverFamily obtain fish and shrimps from X. These two children bought " fried fish and taters " for themselves for supper on Saturdays, and sometimes on other nights too...Sec cases 116 and 120.
56Sept. 15Sept. 22M. 10CondensedNever
57Sept. 15Sept. 17F. 17CondensedOccasionallyWhole family used to eat fried fish from X. Latterly the father had stopped their having it and none was brought home. The girl continued up to the time of her attack to buy on her own account, usually elsewhere, but on occasion still from X. Shell fish also from X...Fond of watercress. Never mineral waters.
58Sept. 15Sept. 18M. 14KC Also ate some at King's - cross on Sept. 15Family buy winkles and shrimps from X. The boy is very fond of getting " fried fish and taters" there. None of the others do thisTo X baths on Saturdays and MondaysA very mild case. No lemonade or ginger-beer.
59Sept. 15Oct. 3M. 7½Head brandA"Gets his bit of fried fish at X's, never anywhere else." Is fond of fried fish..."Hopping " from September 5th to 28th. Drinks ginger-beer and lemonade.
60Sept. 15Sept. 24M. 8BB OccasionallyFond of fried fish from X'sNeverDrinks mineral waters.
61Sept. 15Sept. 21M. 17EEBuys fried fish at X's frequently...Ginger-beer occasionally.
62Sept. 15Sept. 18M. 10B and INever"About six weeks ago " (from date October 6th) " had a piece of fried fish from X's"To X baths...
63Sept. 15Oct. 1F. 17BBThe family have a piece of wet fish from X's frequently, but not fried fish, shell fish or shrimpsNeverFond of ginger-beer and lemonade.
64Sept. 16Sept. 28M. 12BA's manFried fish from X; a haddock or kipper from same source occasionallyTo X bathsNo watercress. Drinks ginger-beer and lemonade.