London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Situation and total accommodation.Dormitory and nature of sleeping accommodation.No. of beds or bunks at time of visit.Cubic space per bed or bunk.Floor space per bed or bunk.Lavatory accommodation.Water-closet accommodation.Whether separate day-room is provided or not.
The Salvation Army Shelters,&c- The Ark, Southwark-street, S.E.— 189 beds; men; fourpence ant sixpence a nightCubic feet.Super, feet.Large lavatory in basement. Badly lighted 4 metal stands with 9 loose basins. 5 troughs for washing clothes. 4 bath-rooms.6 water-closets in basement Situation not good. Ventilation provided by an air shaft extending up through building to roof One water closet (not in use) opens directly out of a dormitory A water closet on 2nd, on 3rd, and on 4th floors, is in each case in direct communication with sleeping roomYes. (1) Common kitchen. (2) Reading-room, also used for mission services for lodgers.
- Ground floor, dormitory, beds837836
floor, single bed cubicles2444539
and one room with beds8
2nd floor, cubicles3843741
3rd floor, common dormitory5528027
4th floor, cubicles4632135
The Harbour, Stanhope-street Strand—105 beds; men; four pence a nightDormitory No. 3, beds424129Lavatory accommodation, fair; 1 bath-room. Partly situated in common kitchen5 water-closetsYes. (1) Common kitchen. (2) Reading-room; also used for mission services for lodgers.
„ No. 4, „622327
„ No. 5, „ .723629
„ No. 18, „619325
„ No. 19, „522329
„ No. 20, „421928
The Anchor, Green-street, Bethnal green—159 beds; men; fourpence a nightGround floor, common dormitory, beds2433030Good lavatory. Inadequate number of basins, only 7 noticed. Troughs for clothes-washing. A bath-room, free6 trough water-closets, and urinal accommodation situated in open yard. Internal water-closes, one on each floor. One on ground floor in bad situation, owing to proximity to food store-roomYes. Badly situated in basement. (1) Common kitchen; light and ventilation bad. (2) Reading or mission-room, the means of light and ventilation are better than in kitchen.
„ „ „ „ „1133623
„ „ „ „ „1224628
lst floor1835736
„ „ „ „ „935736
„ „ „ „ „739541
„ „ „ „ „452630
„ landing, beds250451
2nd floor, common dormitory with beds1335440
„ „ „933037
„ „ „928332
„ „ „455656
„ landing, beds553860
3rd floor, cubicles3243163
The Metropole, Charles-street, Holborn, E.C. — About 328; men twopence and threepence a nightGround floor, common dormitory, jubilee bunks, 2-tiers high5623421Lavatory in basement, approached from kitchen. It contains 3 metal stands, 7 loose basins and small baths, two bath-rooms6 trough water-closets, automatically flushed. Situated in an open yardYes; in basement. Light and ventilation inadequately provided for.
1st floor „ „6921220
2nd floor „ „7019320
3rd floor, common dormitory, floor bunks6420922
The Lifeboat, Royal Mint-street, E. —135; men; twopence and four-pence a night4th floor „ „6924421
1st floor, common dormitory, beds2241242Metal troughs with 6 loose basins. Lavatory approached direct from day room. Accommodation inadequate.6 trough water-closets, automatically flushed. Situation objectionable owing to relation to day room and absence of a proper open air space separating water-closets from habitable part of shelterYes, on ground floor. Badly lighted This room has through ventilation by communication with a narrow ventilated space at rear in which the lavatory and the water-closets are situated.
2nd floor, common dormitory, floor bunks5517924
3rd floor5815423
The Net, Burne-street, N.W.—396; men; twopence a nightBasement, dormitory, floor bunks96272255 metal stands for loose basins. No baths. Lavatory accommodation inadequate and badly situated6 trough water - closets, without doors, 5 urinals. Badly situated in an unlighted and badly ventilated spaceYes. (1) In basement. Not good; room being in aerial communication with a sleeping room and also with two badly lighted and ventilated water-closets. (2) Part of the ground floor is used during day time as a cheap food depot. At night this is used by lodgers as a sitting room
Top, dormitory, floor bunks30030422
St. John's-square Shelter, Clerkenwell—129 or more; men; twopence a night1st floor, common dormitory, floor bunks5730026Lavatory accommodation in basement. A wooden bench has been fitted up, on this 8 basins and 8 small baths were noticed. 'No bathroom. Inadequate accommodation7 trough-closets; urinals. Situated in basement; unlighted and inadequately ventilated. A water-closet on top floor communicates directly with dormitoryYes, on ground floor; badly lighted and ventilated. Also used as a sleeping room for late lodgers, if any; seldom more than 30.
Top floor, common dormitory, floor bunks, and one jubilee bunk for six7225824
A few bunks put up in day room for late comers, if necessary (about 20-30)
Horseferry-road Shelter, Westminster— 218; men; twopence a nightGround floor, common dormitory, floor bunks7624723A small lavatory, with troughs and about 11 basins, and wash tub. No bath-room. Inadequate7 trough water - closets near lavatory ; light and ventilation goodYes; badly lighted, and ventilation inadequately provided for by one window at end and several air shafts in roof.
Top floor back, common dormitory, floor bunks7630321
Top floor front, common dormitory, floor bunks6627616
272; Whitechapel-road—270; men; twopence a nightlst and 2nd floors (really one large room), floor bunks and jubilee bunks27021622A well-lighted and ventilated lavatory, with 6 metal trough stands for loose basins. 2 large baths6 trough closets and a urinal in a covered-in space, provided with ventilation openings in roof. Position objectionable, owing to proximity to staircase leading to dormitorvThe eating room used during daytime as public food depot, serves as sitting room for lodgers during evenings.
Blackfriars-road Shelter—Sleeping accommodation, 396; one penny warm room, 350 to 400 ; or, a total of 746 or 796; men; one penny, twopence, or threepence a nightLate bunk room, floor bunks and jubilee bunks of 3-tiers each6724020(1.) A lavatory, communicating with the large hall (from which it is separated by a wooden part ition) with 4 metal troughs on stands, on which were 4 loose basins; also troughs for washing clothes. Here also a urinal and 6 trough closets, provided with external ventilation and automatic flush (2.) A lavatory, in direct communication with dormitory, divided into two parts—one contains 2 bath rooms and 4 trough stands for loose basins, also washing troughs; the other contains 11 trough-closete, and is provided with separate external ventilation. No doors to closets. Position objectionable, owing to communication with sleeping room (3.) A small lavatory and 4 trough-closets, reserved for use of men in 3d. portion of shelterYes. A large hall, well-lighted, and provided with artificial means of ventilation; also a glass-covered corridor. Both these are used throughout the night by those lodgers who only pay one penny for lodging.
Ground floor, cubicles with bunks of 2-tiers each4927623
Ground floor, common dormitory, floor bunks12021722
1st floor, common dormitory, floor bunks, and 18 jubilee bunks of 3-tiers each16018417
Warm room and corridor, seats and benches350 to 400202 or 17713 or 12