London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Situation and total accommodation.Dormitoy and nature of Bleeping accommodation.No. of beds or bunks at time of visit.Cubic space per bed or bunk.Floor space per bed or bunk.Lavatory accommodation.Water-closet accommodation.Whether separate day-room is provided or not.
Church Army Homes— Tooting-court, Marylebone—Men; 25; only 14 at date of visit 8, Millbank-street, Westminster— Men; 17 at date of visitCubic feet.Super feet.GoodGoodYes.
Common dormitory, beds2537444
2nd floor, front, common dormitory, beds623132Adequate1 water-closet is badly situated, as it communicates directly with workshopYes.
2nd floor, back, common dormitory (2 rooms), beds5239331 bath-room
33, Whiteehapel-road (about to be vacated)—Men; 18 at date of visitTop floor, common dormitory, beds621034½
lst floor, cubicles (dismantled, and now a common dormitory), beds1152264Inadequate1 water-closet for use of men, badly situated, being approached directly out of dormitory on first floorYes.
Top floor, front, common dormitory, beds326840
Top floor, front, common dormitory, beds428442
St. John's lodging-house—50 beds; menGround floor, cubicle room, single bed cubicles27490 nearly45 nearlyWell fitted lavatory, but the room is dark, and not well ventilated4 water-closets near entrance passage, inadequately ventilated 1 water-closet (not used) is situated under staircase, and approached directly from dormitory. No means of external lighting or proper ventilation
Upper floor, cubicle room, single bed cubicles17337 „39
Upper floor, cubicles for boarders...6451 „48
The Bessbrook Homes and Agency— 39, Queen's-square.W.C.—63; men3rd floor, No. 1, ordinary beds and bedding319827Lavatory badly situated, not well fitted up A bath-room is being fitted up3 water-closets and 1 urinal well situated in yardYes, situated in basement. Not well lighted and ventilated. There is also a workroom on first floor in connection with the work of the Bessbrcok Agency.
„ No. 2, „719026
„ No. 3, „717525
1st floor, No. 4, „725326
„ No. 4a,236338
„ No. 5, „1029933
Rear building— 1st floor, No. 1, „926127
No. 2, „424132
No. 3,425334
No. 4, „1524126
167, High Holborn—34; men3rd floor, No. 1, „622033Lavatory accommodation in a dark basement; inadequate and unsuitable1 water-closet; badly situated in basementDay room provided on ground floor. Light and ventilation inadequately provided for.
„ No. 3, „621932
2nd floor, No. 4, „725434
„ No. 6, „831132
„ No. 7 „729831
Free Refuges— House of Shelter, Stepney, E.— Men; 40Ground floor, common dormitory, also used as sitting room; bunks1919120AdequateAdequateNo.
Top floor, common dormitory, bunks2116420
Newport Market Refuge, Westminster—Men; 30. There is accommodation for women also hereOne common dormitory with swing hammocks, and a few cubicles3033731GoodGoodNo.
Field-lane—Men; 37 beds. Also accommodation for womenCommon dormitory, beds and one cubicle1833829No proper lavatoryAdequate; 3 water-closets and urinals in yardNo; but men have the use of meeting rooms in building if they are not being used for other purposes.
Common dormitory, beds and one cubicle19397332 bath-rooms
Ham-yard Hospice—Men; 20 bedsCommon dormitory, beds1033038Good lavatory and bath-room accommodationGoodYes. The day-room is used as a soup kitchen in the daytime.
„ „ „1033038
Providence (Row) Refuge, Spital-Fields 140 menCommon dormitory, bunks7033723Ample; well fitted up; 40 fixed basins; fixed footbath ; 4 large bathsAmple, in yard, also indoors for night useYes.
112 women„ „ „7033123
252Females—Common dormitory,bunks11230022AmpleAmple
Medland Hall—Men; 300Benches and wooden pillows, or lodgers lie on floor with wooden pillowAbout 250 cubic feet per man. Floor space per man not readily attainable These consist of wooden4 basins; inadequate12 trough closets; inadequate accommodation
Bunks have now been provided for all lodgers.frames, mattresses and pillows, lined with American cloth, and a coverlet of same material.
Dr. Barnardo's Shelters for Women and Children— Dock-street, E.; 58. Women and children, free1st floor, common dormitory, bunks2235530Adequate3 water-closets in yard at rear; in Yes; in basement, good condition
2nd floor, front „ „1926624No bath-room
„ back ,, ,,628026
3rd floor, front „ „622830
,, back „ ,,520326
Co nmercial-street, E.; 106. Women ar.d children, free1st floor, common dormitory, beds (not in use)3621421Adequate3 water-closets, badly situated off area Yes; in basement, and under street pavement
2nd floor, „ „37208201 bath-room
3rd floor, „ „3323423