London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Situation and total accommodation.Dormitory and nature of sleeping accommodation.No. of beds or bunks at time of visit.Cubic space per bed or bunk.Floor Space per bed or bunk.Lavatory accommodation.Water-closet accommodation.Whether separate day-room is provided or not.
Cubic feet.Super, feet.
The Boys' Home, 31, Fetter-lane— 81; boys; twopence and threepence a night1st floor, common dormitory, jubilee bunks of two-tiers each1119919Lavatory accommodation is provided in basement3 water-closets, one of them in a dark, badly-ventilated situation in basementYes; on ground floor.
2nd floor, „ „ „2616318
3rd floor, „ „ „2416718
4th floor, common dormitory, floor bunks2023731
The Women's Shelter, Hanbury-street, E.—277Dormitory, jubilee bunks4427312Lavatory, goodWater-closet accommodation goodYes.
Dormitory for mothers and children, floor bunks33461 or 320 if height of 14 ft. only included23
Dormitory, bunks12228129
Gallery, bunks7824
Women's Metropole (in connection with above)—141 st floor, beds724228Washstands in dormitories„ „ „Ye s.
2nd floor, „724123
Elevator or Labour Home, West India-dock-road—65-70; home for workshop menCommon dormitory, floor and65 to27823Lavatory accommodation good, consisting of 2 bath-rooms, and lavatory with 12 basins; 4 band baths; also a tub for washing clothes, withwashingboards. Lavatory well lighted and ventilated6 water-closets, well lighted and ventilated, but none have doors ; one urinalYes.
Jubilee bunks7025822
The Lighthouse, Quaker-street, E.— 267; home for workshop menGround floor, common dormitory, floor and jubilee bunks3040436Good; 5 baths; 17 basins; troughs for washing clothes15 trough water-closets and one urinal in an open yard, approached from lavatoryYes. (1) A well-lighted and ventilated room, also used as mission room. (2) A separate day room for separate use of foremen, clerks and higher grade workmen. (3) A small room where men can smoke.
lst floor, „ „ „18326918
„ 8 cubicles, beds5452533
The Wharf, Battcrsea—186; home for workshop men. The buildings here appear to be sheds on wharf, which have been adapted to present useCommon dormitory, bedsteads and some jubilee bedsteads3134828Lavatory adjoins dining room. Baths also provided. Only nine basins were noted in lavatory, but it was stated there were more12 trough water-closets in yard of wharf. These were very foul at time of visitYes. A large room where meals are served. There is also on the premises a mission-room which is used as a reading-room by the men.
Common dormitory, jubilee bunks of three tiers each7417513
Common dormitory, floor bunks8126519
The Shaftesbury Institute for Women and Shelter for Men— 21, Bell-street, Marylebone— Men's shelter; 20; twopence a nightCommon dormitory, floor bunks2028024No lavatory accommodationAdequateNo.
Shaftesbury Institute for Women, Union-street. Marylebone—Ground floor, common domitory, mattresses placed on ground2829333Good lavatory accommodation. One common lavatory in basement, another in upper part of house; 11 fixed basins in basement lavatory 9 basins in upper lavatory; 1 large bath, which lodgers can use on two days in the week; tubs for washing clothes 1 washstand to each bed in dormitory2 water-closets in basementNo.
2d. portion72 total accommodation ; 59 only accounted for(a) 1st floor, common dormitory, mattresses placed on ground5251271 Washstand to each bed in dormitory2 water-loseta
(b) „ „ „1026730
(c) „ „ „1027130
6d.(e)Ground floor, common dormitory, bedsteads439344
(f) „ „ „2