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St Pancras 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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General Information and Statistical Summary
The Metropolitan Borough of St. Pancras is about 4 miles in length, extending
from near Oxford Street in the south to Highgate Village in the north, and averages
about a mile in width, from the Outer Circle of Regent's Park in the west to York
Way in the east.
Summary of Statistics
Area of the borough 2,694 acres
Area of various public open spaces 555 acres
At census 1961:-
Population (60,188 males; 64,667 females) 124,855
Number of households (families) 45,391
Structurally separate dwellings 35,016
Population (Registrar General's mid-1962 estimate) 124,470
Number of persons per acre (estimated average) 46
Rateable value (at April 1962) £4,026,732
Product of a penny rate, approximately £16, 400
General rate in the £ for the year 19s. 8d
L. C. C. precept, in the £ 11s. 3d
Metropolitan Police precept, in the £ 2s.0½d
Summary of Vital Statistics
Net registered live births 2,541
Birth rate (per 1,000 of estimated population) 20.41
Illegitimate live births (per cent. of total live births) 15.27
Still births:-
Number 40
Rate (per 1,000 total live and still births) 15.50
Total live and still births 2,581
Infant deaths (deaths under l year) 58
Infant mortality rates:-
Total infant deaths per 1,000 total live births 22.82
Legitimate infant deaths per 1,000 legitimate live births 19.97
Illegitimate „ „ „ 1,000 illegitimate „ „ 38.66
Neo-natal mortality rate (deaths under 4 weeks per 1,000 total live births) 16.92
Early „ „(„ „ Week „ 1, 000 „ „ „) 14.16
Peri-natal mortality rate (still births and deaths under 1 week
combined per 1,000 total live and still births) 29.44
Maternal mortality (including abortion):-
Number of deaths 1
Rate per 1,000 total live and still births 0.38
Deaths, all ages 1,431
Death rate (per 1,000 of estimated population) 11.49