London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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During the year, and with the sanction of the Ministry of Health, supplies have been
provided in 12 instances, subject to the following conditions:—
(a) The Insulin is to be issued by the Medical Officer of Health to the medical
practitioner undertaking the treatment of the patient.
(b) The name and address, age and sex of each patient to be stated.
(c) A quarterly report is to be furnished by the medical practitioner to the Medical
Officer of Health giving the following information:—
(1) Tbe number of doses of Insulin administered.
(2) Particulars concerning any tests made of the urine or of the blood of
the patient.
(3) The progress of the patient during the period under report.
Patients who are insured under the National Health Insurance Act are not eligible under
the above scheme, as supplies of Insulin are available for them under the Act.
Public Health Officers of the Local Authority.
A complete list of the above, including both whole and part time officers, is given on
pages xi. and xii.
Local Legislation.
A.—Local Acts, Bye Laws, and Regulations in force in the Borough:—
1. Bye-laws made by the Borough Council:—
(a) For the prevention of any nuisances arising from any snow, ice, salt, dust,
ashes, rubbish, offal, carrion, fish or filth or other matter or thing in
any street.
(b) For preventing nuisances arising from any offensive matter running out of any
manufactory, brewery, slaughterhouse, knacker's yard, butcher's shop or
fishmonger's shop or dunghill into any uncovered place, whether or not
surrounded by a fence or wall.
(c) For the prevention of the keeping of animals on any premises in such place or
manner as to be a nuisance or injurious or dangerous to health.
(tf) As to the paving of yards and open spaces in connection with a dwelling house.
(e) For securing the cleanliness and freedom from pollution of tanks, cisterns and
other receptacles used for storing water used or likely to be used by man for
drinking or domestic purposes, or for manufacturing drink for the use of man.
(f) With respect to the keeping of water-closets supplied with sufficient water for
their effective action.
(g) Mortuaries.
2. Regulations concerning the use of Post-mortem rooms.
3. Bye-laws and Regulations made by the London County Council, but enforced by the
Borough Council:—
(a) Drainage bye-laws and deposit of drainage plans.
(b) Closing and filling up of cesspools and privies.
(c) Removal and disposal of house and other refuse.
(d) Removal of fsecal and offensive matter by road.
(e) Waterclosets, earthclosets and privies.