London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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Highgate New Town, Chester Road;

St. Pancras Centre, Prince of Wales Road; Clarendon Square

Voluntary Committees, working under agreement with the London County Council.

Situation.By whom provided.
I. Clinic for Sick Mothers and Young Children. St. Pancras Dispensary, 39, Oakley Square. (Tel. Euston 1882.)Medical Officer paid by Borough Council; other expenses paid by Dispensary Committee.
J. Convalescent Homes for Sick Poor Children.
The Mayoress of St. Pancras Home for Sick Poor Children, "Avalon," 1, St. Alban's Road, N.W. 5. (Tel. Gulliver 2626.)By Voluntary Committee, with grant from Borough Council.
Invalid Children's Aid Association (various homes)Subsidy from Borough Council.
K. Open Air Schools.
Holly Court, Highgate, N. 6London County Council.
Euston Square, N.W. 1
L. Cleansing Station.
Camley Street, N.W. 1. (Tel. Euston 5344.)The Borough Council (part of accommodation let to L.C.C. forcleansing of school children).
M. Professional Nursing at Home.
North London District Nursing Association, 6 & 7, Canonbury Place, N. 1. (Tel. Canonbury 1955.)By Voluntary Committee, with grant from Borough Council.
Hampstead District Nursing Association, 3, Pond Street, Hampstead, N.W.3. (Tel. Hampstead 6406.)
Metropolitan District Nursing Association, 31, Bedford Place, W.C. 1. (Tel. Museum 0352.)
14, Oakley Square, N.W. 1. (Tel. Euston 1358.)
N. Massage Clinics.
St. Pancras School for Mothers, 1, Ampthill Square. (Tel. Euston 2972.)By Voluntary Committee.
Somers Town Welfare Centre, Chamberlain House. (Tel. Euston 2380.)
Camden Town Welfare Centre, Barnes House. (Tel. Gulliver 1667.)
O. Schick Testing Clinic (in connection with Diphtheria Immunisation Scheme).
St. Pancras Dispensary, 39, Oakley Square. (Tel. Euston 1882.)By the Borough Council.
P. Institutional Provision for Unmarried Mothers.
St. Margaret's House, 218, Camden Road, N.W.1 (Tel. Gulliver 5250). This Rescue Home, maintained entirely by funds from voluntary sources, provides accommodation for young women and babies requiring care and supervision, and endeavours to find suitable situations for those capable of work.

Provision of Insulin.
With the sanction of the Ministry of Health, provision of insulin for necessitous
patients can be made under powers contained in Section 227 of the Public Health (London)
Act, 1936.