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St Pancras 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]


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    Meteorological Table for Saint Pancras, 1938. (Deduced from observations at Camden Square, N.W. 1.)
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    Deaths from puerperal causes (Headings 29 and 30 of the Registrar General's Short List) : —
    Deaths.Kate per 1,000 total (live and still) births.
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    Comparative Statistics.
    Rate per 1000 of Population.Rate per 1000 Births.
    Birth rateDeath rate.Infant Mortality.
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    Year.Population estimated to middle of each Year.Civil Population.Births.Total Deaths Registered in the District.Transferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected Number.Nettof Nonresidents registered in the District.of Residents not registered in the District.Under 1 Year of Age.At all Ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1000.Number.Rate per l,000 Nett Births.Number.Rate.
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    Births and Deaths. —Outward transfers are excluded. St. Pancras births and deaths in public institutions and inward transfers are classified according to home address in the borough.
    Wards.Births.Deaths.Deaths under 1 year.Deaths, Tuberculosis (all forms).
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    They have been kindly provided by Mr. B. Chapman, Local Public Assistance Officer, and the Statistics Branch of the Ministry of Labour.
    Half-year endingAverage weekly No. of persons receiving out-relief.Average weekly-cost of relief.
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    Number of unemployed:—
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    Relief Stations.
    Address.Telephone.Relief districts served.
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    Clinics, Treatment Centres, etc. For the purpose of reference these are given in tabular form; details concerning the work carried out will be found on succeeding pages.
    Situation.By whom provided.
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    Continued from previous page...
    Situation.By whom provided.
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    Highgate New Town, Chester Road; St. Pancras Centre, Prince of Wales Road; Clarendon Square Voluntary Committees, working under agreement with the London County Council.
    Situation.By whom provided.
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    The use of the various general and special voluntary hospitals is by no means confined to residents either of this Borough or of the metropolitan area. On the other hand, hospitals situated outside the Borough are largely used by St. Pancras residents.
    Hospital.Number of Beds.
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    The following figures shew the estimated number of persons in each of the Wards in the Borough :—
    Administrative Area of St. Pancras Metropolitan Borough.Census, 1931.Total (Estimated) 1938.
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    MARRIAGES. The following table shews the number of marriages for 1938, and for each of the preceding four years :—
    Year.Estimated Population.Number of Marriages.Marriages per 1,000 of Population.
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    Ward Births and Birth Rates.
    Births.Birth Rate.Births.Birth Rate.
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    The corresponding figures for the preceding 10 years were as follows:—
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    The following table gives particulars, by sex and legitimacy, with reference to still births actually allocated to the Borough during the year:—
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    Under 1 yeai.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 5 years.5 and under 10 years. ^10 and under 15 years.15 and under 20 years.20 and under 25 years.25 and under 35 years.35 and under 45 years.45 and under 55 years.55 and under 65 years65 and under 75 years.75 and under 85 years.85 years and upwards.Ward 1.Ward 2Ward 3.Ward 4,Ward 5.Ward 6Ward 7.Ward 8.No address.Totals.
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    St. Pancras Hospital.Highgate Hospital.St. Margaret's Hospital.University College Hospital.Royal Free Hospital.National Temperance Hospital.Eliz, Garrett Anderson Hospital.West End Hospital.Hospital for Tropical Diseases.Central London Throat, &c., Hospital.Metropolitan Ear &c., Hospital.St. Saviour's Hospital.Royal Ear Hospital.Hampstead General Hospital.Middlesex Hospital.Other London Hospitals.Hospitals outside London.
    CAUSES OF DEATH.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St: Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St- Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. PancrasNot belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St,. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras,Not belonging to St. Pancras.Belonging to St. Pancras.Not belonging to St Pancras.
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    The following table, shows the deaths from Cancer in the Borough during 1938.
    situation of disease.ages.Totalswards.No Address
    0-1515-2020-2525-3535-4545-5555-6565-7575-8585 &, upMfMfmFmfmFmfmFmFmfmf
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    Inquests. In the following table will be found the causes of death, as certified by the Coroner; they are also further classified into age periods : —
    Causes.Under 1 year.1—5 years.5—15 years.15—25 years.25—65 years.65 and over.Totals.
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    The following table gives particulars concerning the number of inquests held, the number of bodies received and the post-mortem examinations made during each of the past six years : —
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    Report of Work carried out by District Inspectors for the year 1938.
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    Legal Proceedings. The following prosecutions were undertaken during the year in respect of general sanitary work :— Public Health (London) Act, 1036.
    Situation of Property,Offence.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    Public Health (Loudon) Act, 1936— continued.
    Situation of Property.Offence.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    Continued from previous page...
    Situation of Property.Offence.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    Holding Act, 1936.
    Situation of Property.Offence.Date of Hearing of Summons.Result of Proceedings.
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    DRAINAGE. The sanitary inspectors have the duty of supervising all work in connection with drains, including construction, reconstruction and repairs. During the year the following work has been carried out; the figures for the previous two years are also given for the purpose of comparison :—
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    Drainage Register. —The following is an analysis of the Drainage Register during 1937, the figures for the previous year being given for comparison :—
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    The following figures for the past year are kindly supplied by Mr. C. S. Bainbridge, the Borough Engineer and Surveyor. For the purpose of comparison the figures for the previous year are also given :—
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    Roth inspectors visit factories in which men and women are employed. Report of Work curried out by the Factory Inspectors during the year 1938.
    Inspections and Re-Inspections.Thompson.Miss Camman.Totals.
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    Notices served relating to:—
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    Information concerning the work carried out under the above Act is given in the following tables in the form required by the Home Secretary. 1. — Inspfctions made by Male and Female Sanitary Inspectors.
    Premises.Number of
    Inspections.Written Notices.Prosecutions.
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    2.—Defects Found.
    Particulars.Number of DefectsNumber of Prosecutions.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to h.m. Inspectors.
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    Notifications of Outworkers were received as follows : —
    From Local Authorities outside St. Pancras.From St. Pancras Employers.
    Notifications.Authorities Notifying.Total Notifications.Notifications where addresses were in St, Pancras.
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    The following table gives the number and type of outworkers' premises in the Borough and the principal industries concerned :—
    Nature of Work.Nature of Premises.Total.
    Factories with Mechanical Power.Factories without Mechanical Power.Workplaces.
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    4.—List of Factories and Workplaces.
    Nature of Work.Factories with Mechanical Power.Factories without Mechanical Power.Workplaces (including Outworkers).Total.
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    5.—Other Matters.
  • Page 41
    Bakehouses and restaurant kitchens are also referred to on page 57. 6.— Total Inspections of Factories and Workplaces.
    Premises.Male Inspector.Female Inspector.Total.
    Outworkers.Not Outworkers.
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    The following table shows the number of families accommodated under this arrangement:—
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    Summary of Work.
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    The following shews the position as regards Clearance and Compulsory Purchase Orders :—
    Date.Order.Site.Position at the end of the Year.
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    The weekly rentals fixed by the Council are as follows:—
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    The following adjustments were made to the rentals on post-war estates:—
    Estate.Type of accommodation.Weekly reduction
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    The work of food inspection is carried out by two inspectors, who devote the whole of their time to these duties. Particulars of the inspections and other duties carried out bv these officers during the year are given in the following table:—
    wards 4, 5, 7, 8, Mr. Adkins.wards 1, 2, 3, 6, Mr. Capel,Total.
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    The following list gives particulars as to registrations and de-registrations during the year.
    Dairies.Purveyors of Milk (Itinerant).Milk in Sealed Containers.
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    Particulars as to the number of licences and the samples taken for bacteriological examination under this Order during 1938 are contained in the following table: —
    Grade for which licence was issued.No. of licences 31st Dec., 1938.No. complying with standard.No. below standard.Total samples.
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    At the end of 1938 there were 147 bakehouses on the register, as compared with 150 at the end of 1937. These bakehouses are classified in the following table:—
    Bakehouse with mechanical powerBakehouse without mechanical powerNot in Use.Total.
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    ArticleReason for Surrender or seizure.Remarks.
  • Page 59
    Carcases Inspected and Condemned.
    Cattle, excluding Cows.Cows.Calves.Sheep and Lambs.Pigs.
  • Page 60
    FOOD AND DRUGS (ADULTERATION) ACT, 1928. Analyses of 800 samples have been made under this Act, of which 108 were formal and 392 informal. Of the formal, 398 proved to be genuine, and 10, or 24 per cent., adulterated; and of the informal, 384 were genuine and 8, or 2.0 per cent., adulterated.
    Articles of food of which samples have been taken.Total number of samples.Genuine.Adulterated.
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    Continued from previous page...
    Articles of food of which samples have been takenTotal number of samples.Genuine.Adulterated.
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    Continued from previous page...
    Articles of food of which samples have been taken.Total number of samples.Genuine.Adulterated.
  • Page 62
    Summonses. Prosecutions were undertaken in respect of two samples, which were reported as being adulterated. The results of the proceedings are stated in the following table:—
    Article.Offence. Food and Drugs (Adulteration) Act, 1928.Date of Hearing.Result of Proceedings.
  • Page 63
    Monthly Variation of Chemical Composition of Qhnuink Milk during the Years 1936, 1937 and 1938.
    Month.Number of Samples Examined. Genuine.Fat per cent. Average.Non-fatty Solids per cent. Average.
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    The following table gives the number of cases notified, the number of deaths which occurred, and the number of patients admitted to hospital during 19:58. The notifications have not been corrected for any subsequent revision of diagnosis:—
    DISEASES.NOTIFICATIONS.Total all Ages.Cases admitted to Hospital.Total Deaths.
    At Ages—Years.
    Under 1 year.1 and under 2.2 ana under 3.3 and under 4.4 and under 5.5 and under 10.10 and under 15.15 and under 20.20 and under 35.35 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and upwards.
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    The notifications of, and deaths from, the notifiable diseases other than Tuberculosis are classified in the following table according to the Wards in which they occurred:—
    Ward.No Address.Whole Borough.Ward.No Address.Whole Borough.
  • Page 68
    Vaccinations. 1st January to 31st December, 1937.
    Number.Percentage of Births registered.
    North.South-East.South-West.Whole BoroughNorth.South-East.South-West.Whole Borough
  • Page 68
    The corresponding figures for the past ten years are as follows:—
    Year.Births.Successfully Vaccinated.Per cent.Conscientious Objections, and Children otherwise escaping Vaccination.Per cent..
  • Page 69
    Return showing the number of persons successfully vaccinated and re-vaccinated at the cost of the rates bv the Medical Officers of Institutions and the Public Vaccinators during the year ended 30th September, 1938:—
    Name of Institution or Vaccination District.Name of the Medical Officer or Public Vaccinator.Nos. of Successful Primary Vaccinations of Persons.No. of Successful Re-vaccinations, i.e.. Successful Vaccina tion of Persons who had been Successfully Vaccinated at some previous time,
    Under one year of age.One year and upwards.Total.
  • Page 74
    T able I. MEASLES.
    Quarter of the Tear.Total.Under 1 year.1—5 years.5-15 years.Adults.Quarter of the Year.Total.Under 1 year.1—5 years.5—15 years.Adults.
  • Page 75
    T able II. MEASLES.
    Year.Incidence Rate per 1000 Population.Mortality Rate per 1000 Cases.
    Quarters of Year.Total.Quarters of Year.Total.
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    The work done during the year by the disinfecting staff is shown in the following table:—
    Disease.No. of cases.No. of houses.No. of rooniB contents disinfected or destroyed.No. of rooms sprayed and fumigated.
  • Page 77
    The following table gives the number of articles disinfected or destroyed during the year on account of infectious disease or verminous conditions:—
    Infectious Disease.Verminous.
  • Page 78
    At each attendance the person receives a bath, and the clothing is disinfected.
    Men.Women.Children under 15.Total.
  • Page 79
    The undermentioned examinations were made during the year:—
    Nature of Specimen.Positive.Negative.Total.
  • Page 81
    Section VIII.—TUBERCULOSIS. Particulars of all new cases of Tuberculosis and of all deaths from this disease during 1938 are given in the following table in the form required by the Ministry of Health :—
    Age Periods.New Cases.Deaths.
  • Page 82
    Time of Notification.PULMONARY.NON-PULMONARY.Total.Percentage.
  • Page 83
    public health (tuberculosis regulations, 1930. The number of cases of Tuberculosis notified and those which came to knowledge by means of Death Reports and transfers from other Districts are given in the following tables:—
    Age Periods.Number of Notifications on Form A.
    Primary Notifications.Total Notifications (i.e.,including cases previously notified by other Doctors).
    0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 and upwards.Total.
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    Age Periods. Information obtained from Special Death Reports, by Transfer from other districts, and by Posthumous Notifications.
  • Page 84
    The following table gives particulars as to the prevalence and fatality of this disease during the past 10 years
    Year.Estimated Population.Notifications.Deaths.Notification Rate per 1000 population.Death Rate per 1000 population.
    Pulmonary.Other forms.All forms.Pulmonary.Other forms.All forms.Pulmonary.Other formsAll forms.Pulmonary.Other forms.All forms.
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    The table below shows the number of new cases and the number of deaths, together with the corresponding rates per 1,000 of population, for cach Ward of the Borough during 1938 :— Tuberculosis (All Forms).
    Ward.New Cases.Deaths.
    Number.Rate per 1000 of Ward Population.Number.Rate per 1000 of Ward Population.
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    In the following table are given the deaths from Tuberculosis of St. Pancras residents during 1938, the deaths in each Ward and those occurring in the Hospitals of the Borough and elsewhere. (This table is prepared by the Registrar-General.)
  • Page 86
    NOTIFICATION REGISTER. This is kept at the Dispensary. The following table gives the information for the ye ended December 31st, 1938, in the prescribed form : —
  • Page 86
    The following are the times of the sessions at the Dispensary : —
    Monday11 a.m. Dr. Back....
  • Page 87
    The following table gives a summary of the work carried out at the Tuberculosis Dispensary during the year :—
    Diagnosis.Pulmonary.Non-Pulmonary.Total.Grand Total.
  • Page 88
    The following is a summary, for purposes of comparison, of certain sections of the foregoing tables.
    Deaths from Tuberculosis Jan. 1st-Dec. 31stRatio of cases on dispensary register to cases on notification registerNumber per 1,000 deaths from tuberculosis in the BoroughTotal attendances per case on registerTuberculosis Officer's visits per case on registerTotal consultations per case on registerNurses visits per case on registerX-ray examinations
    ActualPer 1,000 inhabitantsDefinitely tuberculous persons on dispensary registerT.B.+ f cases on dispensary registerExaminationsper 100 new cases 2nd contactsper 100 new cases
    New casesContacts
  • Page 89
    The particulars of these visits are as follows:—
    Number of visits under p.h. (Tub.) regulations.Number of visits for Dispensary purposes.Total Visits.
  • Page 90
    During the year the number of investigations reported was :—
  • Page 94
    Receipts and Payments Account for the Year ended 31st December, 1938.
  • Page 98
    Table II. The following table shows the location of the Council's various Maternity and Child Welfare Centres, together with the days and hours of consultations, and the doctors attending :—
    Name of Centre.Expectant Mothers.Infants.Children 2—5.
  • Page 99
    Table III. Return of Attendances, Visits and Consultations at the various Welfare Centres in the Borough during 1938.
    CentreConsultationsAttendances at Consultations.Visits by Trained Visitors.
    Children.Expectant Mothers.Expectant Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Children.Number of Visitors.
    No. of Birth Notifications allocated to centre.New cases.Total attendances.New cases.Total attendances.
    Per month.Total.Per month.Total.Under 1 year.1 - 2 years.2 - 5 years.Total.Under 1 year.1 - 2 years.2 - 5 years.Total.First visits.Total visits.First visits.Total visits.Council Staff.Others.
  • Page 100
    The Dental Surgeon is Mr. George ihomson, L.D.S. During the year 46 consultations were held, at which 137 treatments were provided for mothers and 158 for children. Details of the work done are given in the following table :—
  • Page 102
    The work done during the year is summarised in the following table, the figures for the previous year also being given for comparison :—
    Work carried out at the Dental Clinic.1938.1937.
  • Page 102
    The following table shows the number and cost of the dentures supplied during the year:—
  • Page 103
    Cases treated.—Particulars with reference to the cases treated during 1938 are given in the following table :—
  • Page 106
    Ihe associations included, particulars of the work of which have alreadv been given are those to which the St. Pancras Borough Council make contributions and the amount of the Council's contributions under the old and the new schemes are given in the following table: —
    These centres carry out routine M. & C. W. work in defined areas and are staffed by officers of Borough Council.Association.Scheme commencing 1st April, 1937, and expiring 31st March, 1942.Scheme expiring 3lst March, 1937.
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    Table IV. 108
    Ampthill Square.Camden Town.Kentish Town.Queen's Crescent.Somers Town.South Highgate.University College Hospital, (j)TOTALS.
    Bristow.(a)Harrop.Lynn.Crockart.(a)Blair.Smith, (c)Harris, (d)Cross.(b)0'Leary.(b)(d)Sainsbury.(b)Carr.(b)Taylor.(b)Blair.(a)Bagnall.Harris.(d)Wilson. b)Just.(b)(b)O'Leary.(b)(d)Chapman.(a)Harris.(d)Bruce.Lurie.Just.(b)(d)O'Leary (b)(d)Manger. (a)Blaxland.Robinson.(a)Harris. (d)Just.(6)(d)O'Leary. (b)(d)Brooke. (e)Warren. (e)Barnes. (e)
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  • Page 109
    Particulars of Home Visits to and attendance at Centres of children aged 0-5 are given in the following table :—
  • Page 110
    Table V. Examination of Elementary School Children in St. Pancras in 1938. Information supplied by the School Medical Officer of the L .C.C.
    Entrants.Age 7.Age 11.Age 14.Entrants.Age 7.Age 11.Age 14.
  • Page 111
    Table VI. Routine Medical Inspection of Elementary School Children in Sr. Panckas in 1938. Information supplied by the School Medical Officer of the L .C.C.
    Age Group.Number examined.Clothing and Boots.Nutrition.Cleanliness of Head.Cleanliness of Body.Teeth.Vision.
    Good.Fair.Poor.| Good.Average.Below normal.Bad.Clean.Nits.Pediculi.1 Clean.Dirty.Pediculi.All sound.Less than four decayed.Four or more decayed.6/6 in both eyes.6/9 in either or both eyes.6/12 or worse in either or both eyes.
  • Page 113
    (1) Deaths under One Year of Age in the Borough of St. Pancras during 1938.
    Under 1 day.1 day to 1 week.1 —2 weeks.2—3 weeks.3—4 weeks.Total under 4 weeks.4 weeks and under 3 months.3—6 months.6—9 months.9—12 months.Total Deaths under 1 year.
  • Page 114
    (2) Deaths from Stated Causes under 1 Year of Age for 1938 and 10 preceding Years.
    CAUSE OF DEATH.1928192919301931193219331934193519361937Average for 10 years.1938
  • Page 115
    By 1920 the incidence had reached 11, and this remained the approximate figure for several years.
    Form as Desired by Ministry of Health.Additional Information.
    CasesVision not Impaired.Vision Impaired.Total Blindness.Deaths.Incidence Rate per 1,000 Births.District Nurse in Attendance provided by Borough Council.Cases treated in Special Hospital provided by L.C.C.
    At Home.In Hospital.
  • Page 117
    Comparative Figures. The following table shows the comparative cost of grants made under the Council's Scheme during the last six years.
  • Page 118
    The distribution of pints of fresh milk and pounds of dried milk for the year is shown in the following figures.
    Month.Pints.† Lbs. Dried Milk.)Pints.†Lbs. (Dried Milk.)£s.d.
  • Page 118
    The income scales, after deduction of rent ( a ) as at the end of 1938, and ( b ) in force after January, 1939, below which a family is eligible for an allowance, are shown hereunder:—
    Number in Family.(a) At end of 1938 (now superseded).(b) Scale now in force.
  • Page 119
    The work carried out during the year is summarised in the following table, the figures for the two previous years also being given for comparison:—
  • Page 120
    Particulars in regard to the day nurseries for the year ended 31st December, 1938, are as follows:—
    Number of Days Open.Attendances.Average per Day.No. of places for children under 5.
  • Page 122
    Table VII. Maternal Mortality in Borough of St. Pancras in 1938.
    15-20 years.20-25 years.25-30 years.30-35 years.35-40 years.40-45 years.45 years and over.Married.Single.Widowed.I.II.III.IV.V.VI.VII.VIII.No Address.
  • Page 124
    In the following table particulars are given for 1938 with reference to all St. Pancras women who were attended in their confinements by the staffs of the various institutions:—
    Institution.Admitted as In-patientsAttended at Home.
    By Students.By Midwives.
  • Page 124
    The following table gives the names of the hospitals, etc., and the amount paid during the past year:—
  • Page 126
    The following tables have been prepared by Dr. Pritchard to bring out some interesting details concerning these cases:—
    Cause of Pyrexia.Total no. cases notified.Confinement.Infant.Mother.
    In Institution.At Home.Living.Dead Viable.Non-Viable.Primipara.Unmarried.Ante-natal attention.Average Age.Deaths.
  • Page 127
    Comparative Figures for Recent Years are as follows:—