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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Food Makers.—I made 321 visits to the premises where sausages, tripe, &c.,
are made, and found the premises generally satisfactory, utensils clean and the
food sound.
Licensed Slaughter-houses. —There are 5 slaughter-houses in my district. I
made 222 inspections, during which I saw 416 sheep, 89 bullocks, 108 pigs,
and 30 lambs killed and dressed, and such organs as on examination were
found to be diseased I had removed by the written request of the owners
under Sub-section 8 of Section 47 of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.
The by-laws relating to slaughter-houses have been generally observed.
There is one thing I feel I must call attention to, that is, the " blowing " of
lambs at the time of dressing being done by slaughter-men with their mouths,
an old-fashioned method, but, to say the least, a very dirty and dangerous one.

The following table shows the number of animals and organs found to be diseased, nature of disease, &c.: —

No.Description of Carcase.Disease.Where Affected.How disposed of.
2BullocksTuberculosisLiversDestroyed by burning at the Dust Destructor
2Lungs„ „
1Fore-quarters Liver, Lungs, and Head„ „
5AbscessLivers„ „
1FlukesDestroyed on premises.

In addition to the above a number of sheep's and pigs' livers and lungs
were affected with parasitical diseases and destroyed.
Licensed Cowsheds. —I paid 49 visits to the cowsheds and found them satisfactory.
There are 3 cowsheds in my district, licensed to keep in all 63 cows,
but the cows actually kept have never approached that number.
Milkshops. - I made 551 inspections of milkshops, and with few exceptions
found the milk vessels clean. During these visits I found 21 persons selling
milk without being registered in accordance with the Dairies, Cowsheds and
Milkshops Orders. I cautioned them, and they afterwards applied for
Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.—I obtained 325 samples of articles of food
and drugs and submitted them to the Public Analyst for analysis under these
Acts, 28 of which were adulterated. Of the samples of milk, 42 were taken
promiscuously at the St. Pancras (M.R.), Kentish Town (M.R.), and King's
Cross (G.N.R.) Stations, and only one sample found to be adulterated.