London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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prevention of disease, and are coming to closer grips with infantile mortality
and tuberculosis. To deal with the prevention of the disease, the officer should
be fully acquainted with the prevention of insanitary environment and the
methods necessary to remedy insanitary conditions. As a Sanitary Inspector
fully acquainted with this, she is able to direct the attention of the District
Inspectors carrying out the necessary remedies. As a Sanitary Inspector, she
also has the power of entry, which as a Health Visitor she would not possess,
and thus, during vacation and in emergency, she can take over the duties of
her colleague, so that there is never any temporary neglect.
The duties of the Health Visitor are partly statutory and partly permissive,
and include those under the Notification of Births Act, the prevention of infantile
mortality, the notifications from schools of verminous children, and the cleansing
of the children, their bedfellows, clothing and bedding, and the notification from
schools of the non-certificable diseases, e.g., measles. It is not, therefore,
altogether easy to define where the statutory duties cease and the permissive
duties commence, but, roughly speaking, they each respectively embrace about
half the officer's time, so that her duties in the matter of time may be said to
be equally divided between those of a Sanitary Inspector and a Health Visitor.

§ 2.—OPEN SPACES AND ATMOSPHERE.Public Open Spaces.—The parks, gardens, and other open spaces secured against building operations in and adjoining St. Pancras, together with their situation, approximate area, and the authority under which they are maintained, are enumerated in the following table:—

Sub-Districts.Density of Persons per acre, Census, 1901.Garden or Open Space.AreaMaintaining Authority.
North St. Pancras59Parliament Fields & Hampstead Heath50710London County Council
..Waterlow Park2900„ „
..Highgate Cemetery3800Cemetery Company
..Pond Square, etc., Ilighgate0328St. Pancras Borough Council
..Lismore Circus0227„ „
West St. Pancras87Primrose Hill and Regent's Park40000H.M. Government
181St. James's Gardens2231St. Pancras Borough Council
East St. Pancras90St.Martin's Gardens130„ „
..College Gardens0017„ „
, .St Pancras Gardens510„ „
South St. Pancras183Whitefield Gardens020Loudon County Council
178St.George's Gardens220St. Pancras Borough Council
..St.Andrew'sGardens110„ „