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St Pancras 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Clerical Work. From 3rd January, 1910, to 31st December, 1910, inclusive.

No. of Complaints received (communications)2064
No. of Certificates of Dangerous Infectious Diseases received1215
No. of Notices of Voluntary Drain-work received283
No. of Letters, etc., despatched3167
No. of Notices of Intention to Register6
No. of Notices of Registration2
No. of Sets of Advisory Notices as to Infectious Diseases forwarded1215
No. of Statutory Notices requiring disinfection1215
No. of Certificates of disinfection completed by Sanitary Authority998
No. of Certificates of Infectious Disease sent to School Teachers1636
No. of Intimation Notices issued4241
No. of Statutory Notices of intention to proceed served812
No. of Statutory Notices requiring stripping for vermin57
No. of Statutory Notices requiring purification of articles0
No. of Warning Notices of intention to summons sent72
No. of Summonses Applied for67
No. of Hearings and Adjournments69
No. of Meetings of Council17
No. of Meetings of Public Health Committee and Sub-Committees held45

In the Annual Report for 1907 an account was given of the changes which
have taken place in the Inspectorial Staff from 1898 to 1907, and in subsequent
Annual Reports the changes to date.
On January 12th, 1910, Mr. Hugh Alexander Reid was appointed Caretaker
of the Prospect Terrace Dwellings, then about to be opened.
On the 22nd June, 1910, Miss Celia Smith was appointed Sanitary Inspector
in the place of Miss Blanche Gardiner, resigned, and on the 30th November
Miss Celia Smith was also appointed Health Visitor, in accordance with the
Health Visitors (London) Order, 1909. The Public Health Committee had in
view the desirability of being able to call upon the Officer to cover any part of
the field of duties of a Woman Sanitary Inspector and also of those of a
Health Visitor when necessary, and, at the same time, of placing her in such
a position as to enable her to instruct and supervise the services of Voluntary
Health Visitors with greater authority.
The duties of a Women Sanitary Inspector embrace the inspection of day
schools and factories as to sanitary accommodation ; of workplaces, workshops,
domestic work places, home work places, laundries, and restaurant kitchens
where women are employed. In recent years, in addition to the foregoing
duties, Public Health Authorities are paying more and more attention to the